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AIM Healthcare Foundation

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Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Healthcare Foundation

(STARTED: 1998 - CLOSED: May 2011)

AIM Healthcare Foundation

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The AIM (Adult Industry Medical) Healthcare Foundation was co-founded in 1998 by veteran porn star Dr. Sharon Mitchell; AIM quickly became the standard HIV/STD testing center for the adult film (porn) industry in the United States. All professional adult film production Companies in the San Fernando Valley (the so-called porn capital of the world) and surrounding areas would require both male and female porn actors to present a clean STD test from the AIM foundation on the day of production. The test could be validated by producers, directors, etc. by cross-checking an adult film actress’ online test results against her state-issued identification. A test from any clinic besides AIM Healthcare was generally not accepted. The test, which cost about $130 to take, was taken every month by porn actors & actresses who were active in the business (shooting porn scenes).

As a registered talent manager in the State of California, and as one of the top management companies in the porn industry, our Company insisted that our models shoot XXX scenes only with cast members that had a valid (unexpired) AIM test and we made sure to advise our models to always show up to work with a valid AIM test as well. Our Company encouraged anyone who was serious about entering the porn business in an on-camera capacity to stop by their nearest AIM clinic to get tested. The AIM Foundation was registered as a non-profit corporation with a very organized & courteous staff, and from 1998 through mid-2011, they were an integral part of the adult film business.

AIM Healthcare had one main location in the San Fernando Valley. The Sherman Oaks AIM Healthcare office was located at 4630 Van Nuys Blvd, and their phone number was 818-981-5681. The Granada Hills location was closed as of June 4, 2010. The AIM Foundation in Sherman Oaks was open weekdays during regular business hours and also on Saturday afternoons. Our experience was that test results were usually available within 2 – 3 business days. The AIM Healthcare Foundation had a website at www.AIM-med.org*.

UPDATE 5/3/2011:

As of May 2011, AIM has been shut-down, and (according to news reports) has filed for bankruptcy.

Supposedly a "nonprofit" organization (which our Company is responsible for directing literally thousands of dollars to over the years), AIM provided a service that was helpful to our industry - and we are thankful to them for having done so. From the inception of our adult industry division in 2007, all the way through to AIM's final closure in May 2011, our Company felt that AIM was overly biased towards & inappropriately "cliquish" with certain large talent agencies and other privately-owned companies. All of the people in the office - as individuals, however, were generally friendly & helpful. We hope the best for everyone who was employed by AIM, and hope that the next talent testing companies that have and will come along will do a better job of treating all producers, agents, publicists, talent managers, and talent with equal respect.

The American porn industry, and our Company, will continue pressing forward with or without AIM Healthcare. Aspiring pornstars age 18+ are encouraged to apply for a modeling contract with our Company, and can rest assured that the American porn industry is here to stay, and the top talent management for new girls (18+) in the industry is still our Company.

UPDATE 3/27/2012:
We've learned that AIM has possibly re-opened under another name. This information has not been confirmed. 

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Articles & Information