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Escorting VS Adult Film Modeling and Porn Industry VS Prostitution

A Message to all Escorts Who Want to Become Porn Stars

 - From our Vice President -

Porn vs escorting

Good afternoon and thank you for your interest in having our Company assist you as your personal manager and gateway to the adult film business. If you meet the criteria that we are looking for, my hope is that we will be able to make a lot of money together while we help you build a name in the adult & mainstream entertainment industries, and that we will have a lot of fun together in the process. Before you submit an application or are invited to our office for an interview, we want to make sure that you are very clear with our position on porn vs. prostitution. To keep this as short & sweet as possible:


Adult Film (Porn) Industry


Porn is LEGAL to produce in California.
Prostitution is NOT legal in California. Our Company is based in California, and does not support or condone our clients doing anything illegal.
Porn stars make more money than escorts.
($900 average per scene)
In comparison to what porn stars earn per film, “escorts” earn pennies per “client”. )
All porn actors/actresses are required to be tested every month by the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Healthcare Foundation.
Escorts’ clients are NOT required to be tested for STD’s.
Top porn stars are generally more professionally business-minded than escorts. Porn stars understand that porn (adult film) is actually a form of acting & modeling; it is a branch of the professional film industry. Therefore, they understand that it’s not always about, “How much money am I going to get paid RIGHT NOW for what I do RIGHT NOW?” It’s more about working together – with their agent, manager and/or publicist – to gain exposure and build a big name for themselves. They are normally paid per-scene (usually same-day) and also through residuals on website sales, but they are not paid per-hour. Also, to be successful in our industry, girls with a background in escorting need to respect their agents, managers, producers, directors & the male talent that they will be working with as professional business associates. To put it very bluntly, they need to lose the “hooker/trick mentality” and learn to treat their modeling career & the people helping them with it as a professional business-woman. Prostitution quickly warps (ruins) the mentality of a young woman twofold: first of all, where she comes to see every man as inferior (or as a “trick”). Secondly, in the words of Ed Cohen of Dane Productions, escorts often have a hard time making it in the porn industry because they come into the business with a “clock on their head” (escorts are programmed to expect a specific amount of money – paid immediately – for each interval of time, whether it be each half-hour, each hour, or each day).

The ONLY similarity between porn and escorting is that, in both lines of work, people are paid to have sex. Everything else about the two industries is totally & completely different. At our Company, we would love to have you on our team, as long as you clearly understand and appreciate the differences between the two "businesses".


We do believe that it is very possible for a young woman with a background in escorting to become highly successful in our industry, so long as she is willing to make a conscious decision to legitimize her career as a high-class XXX model and leave the “escorting” behind as soon as financially possible. Whether or not you have a background in escorting, we encourage you to make that decision and submit your application to become a model now!

P.S. If you are currently an adult film model and you are signed to an agent or manager who wants you to do "privates" or who encourages you to continue escorting while you are in the adult film industry, then you are NOT being represented by a professional. We would suggest that you find one.