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This page is for professional producers, directors and photographers only, and is strictly to be used for requesting an appointment.

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Model Booking Request Form

Our Company is a registered talent manager in the State of California. As the adult industry division of one of the most respected mainstream talent management Corporations in the Country, we maintain the same level of professionalism in managing our XXX models as we do when managing our A-list SAG actors that are featured regularly in major Hollywood motion pictures & television shows. As such, we handle things perhaps a bit differently from other talent representation companies within the adult film industry.


#1: Our models arrive early and show up on set with an excellent attitude, valid TTS (or equivalent) test, requested wardrobe changes, etc. Our models will NOT work with non-tested talent, and all talent that is scheduled to work with our model(s) should expect to present verifiable TTS-test results to our model(s) and/or our Company representative(s).

#2: All of our models have signed a personal management contract with our Company. As their personal manager, 100% of all compensation for projects performed is to be made out & paid to our Company (not to the model directly). At that point, we deduct our commission and then pay the model directly.

#3: We are NOT an agency. Our Company promotes our clients in the capacity of their PERSONAL MANAGER, and we are registered as such in the State of California. For more explanation on this, you are encouraged to read more about the difference between an AGENT and a MANAGER.

#4: In the event our model(s) shows up on set, ready to shoot, and the shoot is then cancelled by the producer or director (due to no fault of the model(s) or our Company), then the producer may be charged a kill fee by our Company.

#5: Our models are NOT, and will NEVER BE, available for so-called "privates", "bachelor parties", "not for publication" or "for publication in other countries" porn shoots of any kind, or (any other rinky-dink way of describing prostitution). Our Company is NOT an escort agency. Unless you own (or work for) an actual active & legitimate production company (and unless this can be verified by our Company), then we are not interested in hearing from (or doing any kind of business with) you. If you are a LEGITIMATE and PROFESSIONAL producer, director, photographer, etc., then we sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Side-note to all models, producers, directors, etc... if an agent or agency that you are working with encourages (or promotes on their website for) their models to do "privates", "bachelor parties", or any other type of rinky-dink way of describing prostitution, then they are nothing more than a two-bit pimp/madam/escort agency, regardless of their licensing and bonding status. You should not be doing business with them.


Please take a moment to read the information above before requesting a model for booking. If you feel that you or your Company will not be able to work with us the way we have our business model set up, please STOP here, and do NOT submit a booking request. However,
if everything looks agreeable to you, we look forward to the possibility of doing business with you. Please use the form below to request a meeting with our model(s). By contacting us, you are agreeing to the terms above and also to this web site's terms of use.

Thank you.

- Senior Vice President -

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