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Camera for Shooting Porn

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Question for Mike from Nes


Best Camera or Camcorder for Shooting Porn, Equipment for Shooting Porn Scenes


What equipment is best for shooting porn these days? Are some people shooting even with DSLR's? What's your weapon of choice for cameras and lighting? (Models, umbrella soft lighting, three point lighting set up, etc.?)


Nes, there is no "porn camera", necessarily. The main considerations when choosing a camera for shooting adult film would be (1) the type of content that's needed (HD, POV-capable, etc.) and (2) your budget.

With regards to DSLR’s, our primary photographer does some work for me using a 7D... mainly photos and HD intro videos for new models (example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzXXohRJUp8). They turn out real nice, especially when compared to the ones I used to shoot using my BlackBerry! Although one day you may see me shooting porn on a RED and ARRI Alexa, for now, the content I shoot myself is strictly amateur. I'm personally not yet concerned about HD and all of that fancy stuff. I just use whatever handy-cam is... well, "handy", at the time.

(My main job is talent management, so when Penthouse or Reality Kings - for example - books one of my clients, the kind of camera that they’re using is not of immediate importance to me. I’m getting paid no matter what kind of camera they use. Let's just say that D.S.L.'s are more important to me than DSLR's. ;-) The movie I cast for recently, as a casting director, was shot on a Panasonic HVX200, but that was a mainstream indie film. That turned out really sharp.

HD and other fancy stuff is nice, but I'm a "pornsumer" in addition to being in the business. And, as a pornsumer, I don't personally care too much if a porn video is HD or not. What I’m looking for is how hot the model is, and how many different positions and camera angles the scene is shot in. Also, do I personally know the male talent that's banging the girl? (I can't watch porn with guys I know in it - something psychological, I guess.)

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Articles & Information