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Mike answers a question from a young woman about becoming a porn star, making some positive changes

Question for Mike from Liliana

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I need a change. I always have been, and I am willing to change my job. I am a little freak. I just want to have no regrets.  I can make things work for me. Just give me a chance; let me know if I need to change or work on my image.


Thank you for your question. You sound like a very sweet young lady.

I have no idea what you need to change, or work on, or if we want to invite you in for an interview or not, only because I have no photos or information on you other than your name [and the fact that you seem pretty nice]. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to contact or apply with our Company or myself.

Ours is a talent and model management Company that is truly the BEST hands for an aspiring female porn model to be in. PERIOD. This is an industry in which you MUST have a reputable management Company or agency - within the industry - in order to guarantee that you're going to be on the right track and not taken advantage of.

Honestly - EVEN IF IT'S NOT WITH MY COMPANY - I would recommend that aspiring porn stars seek out a reputable agent and/or talent manager BEFORE embarking on an attempt at porn-industry-stardom (or even just trying to get their first shoot). Make sure that the agency or mgmt. company is licensed/registered appropriately, that they've been in business a while, that they don't operate using FREE e-mail accounts out of a storage shed in Hoboken, that they actually have a website (and not a FREE website, with a little "get your free website at Wix.com" banner at the bottom) [LOL], and that they have verifiable references from models who have used their services. I really hate to hear stories of misguided young women who have gotten the run-around and been taken advantage of by people claiming to be agents, managers, producers, directors or photographers - who are not even a legitimate part of our industry.

With regards to our model and talent management Company, we truly are the best hands for an aspiring porn model to be in. If there was a better Company than this, I would clean out my desk and quit working here TODAY. But the truth is... there isn't.

Within 48 hours of signing a modeling contract with our Company, every single professional producer of pornography in the United States is informed of the new model's entry into the business via expert professionalism that simply cannot be beat. Also, new models are systematically introduced IN PERSON to the presidents, vice presidents, talent coordinators, casting directors, etc. of nearly every top production Company in the United States (most of them are located here in Porn Valley... the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA). 3-way phone call introductions are setup with the top producers that are headquartered outside of Porn Valley. Even WITHOUT the mainstream connections and crossover ability, we are the way-to-go for an aspiring porn model.

Now... if that's not enough... our Company annihilates any supposed "competition" by being the O N L Y crossover talent management group in North America. Our models shoot for Penthouse, Reality Kings, Brazzers, Combat Zone, and many others (major porn Companies)... but they are ALSO promoted - on a major level - for major mainstream productions... we're talking Hollywood movies, TV shows, music videos, reality TV, fashion modeling, swimwear modeling, promotional modeling, low-rider modeling, voice-over, theater, book authoring, TV commercials, etc., etc., etc. Our clients have actually worked in productions alongside the likes of Denzel Washington, Reese Witherspoon, and Ben Stiller. Seriously... what other porn model management Company [or agency, for that matter] can say that? (Nobody, besides us.)

We're able to offer this porn-to-mainstream (crossover) management and promotion because we're NOT a porn Company... at least not originally. For nearly 2 decades, our Company has been managing and promoting major Hollywood actors and fashion models. Our adult-industry division wasn't launched until early 2007.

For porn models, we are a PERSONAL management Company... with a very PERSONALIZED approach. Actual marketing plans are formulated (different for each model) on the best course of action to promote every new model that we sign. Each model is introduced FIRST to production companies that we know will probably be more suited for that particular model, based on ethnicity, age, build, tattoos, breast size, limitations, etc. And I (personally) know porn producers' likes, dislikes, and preferences like the back of my hand. (This is in comparison to porn agencies with gigantic rosters whose models are sometimes treated like cattle being led to the slaughter... "let's load up a van with 15 new models of all shapes and sizes, and take them through the same exact process that we were doing back in 1976. Let's give them all the same-old cookie-cutter program.") Of course, I agree whole-heartedly that an established agency like that WOULD BE better for a girl than trying to get into the industry with no representation at all, but it's a matter of "bad, good, better, best" here. Hopefully I'm making sense here.

So I'm not saying we're the ONLY option for an aspiring porn model, but yes... we ARE definitely the best, at least in my expert opinion. Anybody else is free to formulate their own opinion.

So long as you are age 18+, and willing and able to travel to Los Angeles, CA in the near future, I would suggest completing an application for a modeling contract here on our website, today!

Good luck!

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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