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Mike answers Ben's question about hooking up with, dating, sleeping with, and getting a GFE with a p

Question for Mike from Ben

real pornstars do not escort or prostitute, real porn agencies and porn agents do not pimp the model

Dear Mr. Mike!

I like some porn stars so much, and I wondered how to date them. I know that I will have to pay some money but it doesn't seem to matter. A few days ago, I read an article to go to eros guide and get the contacts of porn stars, but I could not find the porn stars that I wanted.

For example: Kayden Kross... I think that there must be a way to get what I wanted if I try, but I could not find anything else. So, I hope you can tell me some ways to get in touch with them! Thank you very much!

I will be in the U.S. for a week and maybe more for business, so I really think that would be wonderful if I could find her. Once again, thank you for reading this question.


I volunteer some of my time to answer questions as an adult-industry-expert to tell people the truth, rather than to obtain high ratings or friends, so my response is simply going to state the truth – whether I think it’s going to make you happy or not. With that disclaimer, I’ll move forward.

In my opinion, no currently active porn STAR will EVER be working as an adult film performer and (simultaneously, anyway) as an “escort” (prostitute). In my opinion, that’s simply not possible. In fact, we have an article about this very topic, written more towards a potential female contract model. If a porn performer advertises herself on Eros Guide (or anywhere else, for that matter) as an escort, then she is just that... a performer in a porn movie or a couple porn movies who moonlights as a hooker... but she is NOT a PORN *STAR*.

California is where legitimate porn is made. Although it might be different in other states and countries, the adult film business and the prostitution business are actually two completely separate industries. Strictly from a legal perspective, one (adult film) is 100% legal** and the other (prostitution) is 100% illegal in the great State of California. In fact, it is this VERY DIFFERENCE that makes California the only of the 50 United States of America in which it is completely legal** to produce adult pornography! Porn is legal to produce in California due to a ruling by the California Supreme Court in the 1980’s case of California vs. Freeman, in which a clear “line in the sand” was drawn between the two “industries”.

In my expert opinion, the legal aspect of this distinction between porn and hooking is not even the MOST important. The MOST important difference is the health and medical aspect. One of the ways that we keep our industry (the porn industry) on the “up-and-up” is by requiring all performers to obtain an STD test via blood, urine, and PCR DNA testing every 28 days. I, myself, am a talent manager, AND also “male talent”, meaning that I get hired by outside porn companies to perform on-camera with their female talent. When I show up on set, because of the testing that’s required within our industry, I’m supposed to be relatively certain that I’m not going to catch any STD’s including HIV by fucking the female model. The required monthly testing is a wonderful thing.

Now, let me pose a hypothetical. Let’s say that N’fected Dong from Thailand was asking me the same exact question you are asking me now. Let’s suppose I answered him, “yes... Mr. Dong, you can go to www.FuckAPornStarMoonlightingAsAHooker.com and go hook up with all the big names in the adult industry.” N’fected Dong flies out to California, gets a hotel, and books Klean Kunt (adult film “star”) for a nice little GFE. Now... Klean Kunt really hits it off with Mr. Dong (and his couple $100 bills) and they end up “sleeping” together. Yes, they use a condom for “protection”, but condoms are scientifically proven NOT 100% effective. It just so happens that N’fected Dong is HIV-positive and now Klean Kunt needs to change her name, because she’s infected too.

Guess who her next “client” is? That’s right! It’s you... Ben from Vietnam. Guess who’s got the virus now! And this is a VERY REAL risk when you’re talking about the prostitution industry, in any country. It’s a risk that people involved in that industry CHOOSE to take, along with (in California, anyway) being arrested for prostitution/solicitation. And that’s on them... It’s not my industry, so it’s not my place to judge.

Here’s what pisses me off... Klean Kunt is an “adult performer” who has starred in, say, 10 or so movies so far. She’s already telling her friends that she’s a “porn star”, and nobody argues the point with her. Let’s say she has a porn agent called Bob, the owner of C.A. Indirect Models. Bob not only condones Klean Kunt’s moonlighting as a hooker, but he’s also rumored to actually be the one pimping her out for “private parties” including a "private party" with N’fected Dong. Now a production company wants to shoot a porn movie. They’ve not shot Klean Kunt (now Dirty Kunt), so they call up Bob to book her. They know I am reliable male talent, so they call me up directly to shoot me in a scene with her. I get to check her AIM test, along with the producer, which was taken just a week prior. It says that she’s clean. I fuck her on camera.

And, now, my friend... it’s personal. Now MY personal health (and life) is at risk, all because Klean Kunt decided to moonlight as an “escort”, with or without her “agent’s” approval or assistance.

Fortunately, the story above is hypothetical and has NOT happened to me personally, and I personally am clean and clear from any and all diseases and infections. However, adult film performers moonlighting as escorts make the scenario above a very real risk, and that’s why I take a strong stand against it. I’m pro-porn, and - outside of the realm of producing a professional adult movie - I would personally NEVER pay a female even 1 cent for her “time or companionship,” or anything else (including sex) for that matter.

I know that those who disagree with my stance will claim, “Porn performers are moonlighting as escorts every day”. That may or may not be true. Regardless, it doesn’t make it OK. Prostitution is illegal in California, and for good reason.

So, Ben, I would usually recommend www.FuckAFan.com, which was a legal and safe way for a few lucky porn star fans to legally and safely fuck their favorite porn stars (after getting tested), but they are not shooting anymore.

The best “in” I’d recommend to at least hanging out with porn stars would be to align yourself with a professional talent or production Company in the adult film industry. My Company is currently accepting applications from independent talent scouts. You’re welcome to apply once you’re here in Los Angeles. Mention on the app that you’ve already spoken with Mike the Boss, and I’ll try to give you a call personally. You might be able to roll with me to a red carpet porn model recruiting event or something like that. I’ll show you the ropes. :)

Otherwise, I’m afraid I cannot answer your question perhaps the way you would like, but – as I mentioned previously – it’s my job to answer your question with the TRUTH... not to try to get you to like me.

Two other quick points that people should know... (1) Porn producers often do NOT WANT to shoot escorts because they are often psychologically incapable of performing a top-notch porn scene, and (2) porn *STARS* do not NEED to put the porn industry’s medical health or their own physical health at risk by moonlighting as a hooker because porn *STARS* make way more money per project than hookers make per “client”.

Bottom line... real porn *stars* don’t moonlight as escorts.

All females age 18+ interested in pursuing a professional career in the LEGAL adult film industry (in California) should apply with our Company for a modeling contract.

All existing female porn performers who have a “porn agent” or “porn model manager” that encourages, or even helps, you to engage in prostitution AND working on-camera in the porn industry... You do NOT have a legitimate agent, and your “agent” may even be guilty of a criminal offense**. You should break all contact and dealings with them immediately and perhaps even report them to the authorities. Any contract you might of signed with them is probably 100% null and void** because their entire business is an illegal enterprise. You can check out our Company for PURE talent management and promotion in the legitimate American porn industry, and for promotion and management for mainstream acting and modeling as well.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

**The author of this article is not a lawyer, and nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice.

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