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Question for Mike from Lilian

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Hi Mike,

I am a 26-year-old old girl living in Italy. I have a passion in the porn/adult industry. I am willing to start anytime and ready to travel - spending a week. Living in Italy, is there a market for me in the industry? How can i find a company with steady jobs?

Buona Sera, Bella Lilian;

I bet you are a hot little thing there in Italy, and I appreciate your looking to me for advice.

A week or two is actually exactly what we generally recommend to new girls (age 18+) when visiting Los Angeles, California (the porn capital of the world) to begin their career as a porn star, so I'm glad to know that you have that time available. As an international model (who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident), a longer stay may be necessary as well.

I am currently only familiar with the North American porn industry. We will be moving into other countries and territories soon, but since you're not 18 any more - I wouldn't recommend waiting until we open an office in Roma or Venice. I would recommend figuring out how to become legal to work in the United States (ideally, from my understanding, by establishing citizenship, or at least legal residency, here), and then applying with our Company for a modeling contract.

We are the top talent management group for aspiring porn stars in North America, and the only porn talent Company, perhaps in the entire world - and at least in North America, that offers crossover (major porn + major mainstream) promotion on a major level to their models. Our Company promotes our models to all the major American porn companies including Penthouse, Reality Kings, Anabolic, Hustler, etc., and simultaneously for major mainstream productions (Hollywood movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, fashion modeling, pageants, book authoring, etc.). We are the only adult film talent Company in North America that offers this.

I would encourage you to watch the video "How to Become a Pornstar" (above), and then research how to become legal to work in the United States, and then do it, and then apply for a modeling contract to become a contract model with our Company. We are the best in the business at what we do (making porn + mainstream stars out of sexy, legal, female U.S. residents & citizens), but that's really ALL that we do. We're obviously not a restaurant, resort hotel, limo service, immigration service or law firm.

You might also want to inquire of a reputable adult-industry lawyer to help you with the legal aspect of starting a porn career in the U.S. as an international model. Once you're setup to legally work in the U.S., come to our Company to get your career rolling.

To star in porn movies in the Unites States, legally, the following criteria must be met:

- You must be over the age of 18.
- You must have at least ONE of the following: a U.S. state-issued ID card, OR a U.S. state-issued driver license, OR a U.S. Permanent Resident Card, OR a U.S. Govt.-issued passport.

Without these criteria being met, you cannot legally star in porn movies in the United States. Furthermore, the vast majority of legal porn from the U.S. is shot in the State of California. Although there may be producers in the U.S. that will shoot you without these criteria being met, as a professional talent management Company, we obviously don't affiliate or do business with them; but without these criteria, you will not be able to become a well-known, rich & famous pornstar.

With these criteria + a contract as a model with our Company, the world is your oyster. :)

Hope this helps, and we hope to see you in our office here in Los Angles soon!


Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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