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Question for Mike from Raymond


pornstar payrate, maximum daily pay as a porn model


Hello Mike, since you work with models let me ask you, if I was to approach someone like BREE OLSEN or TORI BLACK and offered them $10,000 per day to star in a full feature adult film, would that be too much or too small?



How's it? Thanks for coming to me for advice.

I'm not Ms. Olsen or Ms. Black's agent or manager, but I can tell you that the rate you mentioned would - in my opinion - be a competitive daily rate for a full feature porn flick.

I'd probably advise any of my models to accept your offer, pending a background check on you & your project & operation, and also nailing down some details.

Details like (for example only; obviously you don't need to answer them to me):

- The model is getting paid daily, but what kind of work is she going to be doing each day? What kind of sexual acts, and with how many co-stars?
- How many days is the project supposed to take to complete? (How many days would the model be needed for? How many days is she guaranteed?)
- Is lodging & transportation provided?
- Any non-compete agreement rigamarole, etc?
- What's going to happen with the content?
- Who is the male (or female) talent that my model(s) will be paired with? Where & how recently have they been tested for HIV/STD's, and how can I (personally) see & authenticate the test(s)?
- If we've never heard of you or your Company, do you have any adult-industry references? If not, we would probably want up-front payment, before the model gets on a plane, and also the ability to accompany our model(s) to the shoot.

Things like this are what good agents in the porn industry are going to ask, so be prepared to have these answers ready (if the model has decent representation).

But, to answer your question, $10,000 / day sounds like a very decent & competitive daily rate for a big-name top pornstar.

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Thanks again, Raymond, for your question.

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