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If you have come across this webpage, but have not yet submitted your application to become a pornstar and/or internet model, then CLICK HERE to APPLY ONLINE now.

Step One (1) - Application Submitted

Based on the information that you provided on your application, you have been PRE-QUALIFIED to become our newest model!

Since you've just been pre-qualified to become a contract model with the top talent management group in the adult industry, you should refrain from contacting or communicating with any other companies in the adult or mainstream entertainment industry until you've had the opportunity to speak with management team.

You should
not meet with anyone in-person regarding this application unless they can recite your personal security code to you. Do not share your personal security code with anyone, for any reason, at any time.

**Contacting ANY other companies (including talent agencies, producers, photographers and/or webcam companies) at this point will place your opportunity with our Company at risk.**

Attention All Applicants: Important information regarding your application, including your application number, should already be in your inbox (at the e-mail address you provided on your application). Please check your spam or bulk e-mail folder if you don't see the e-mail at the top of your inbox. If you still can't find it, don't worry... If you were sent to this webpage after submitting your application, then management team has already received your application.

Step Two (2) - Phone Interview with a Talent Manager

Since you have been PRE-QUALIFIED, management team will be attempting to contact you by phone.

You will receive only one (1) opportunity to make a good first impression when we call. The call will be coming from an "844"-area-code phone number. If possible, try to answer your phone the first time we call.

We will NOT be calling to give you a "sales pitch" about "how cool we are" (frankly, as #1, we don't need to do that); we will, however, be calling to conduct a professional phone interview to size-up your eligibility, open-mindedness, manageability & seriousness about making money AND also your seriousness about doing what needs to done - in the adult film industry - to become rich, famous & successful.

Our management team is very professional, so be prepared for the possibility of receiving a phone call from our office TODAY. Depending on several variables, you will be receiving a call within 5 minutes to 10 days from now.

Sometimes, because we receive in excess of 100 - 150 applications from aspiring models each & every day, the waiting list to receive a callback from management team may be up to 1 - 2 months for U.S.-based applicants and up to 6 months for international applicants. Please be patient while waiting for your callback.

If management team is - for whatever reason - not interested in your application, after its review, then you will receive an e-mail to this effect. (If you haven't heard anything from us... that's a good sign; that means that your pre-qualified application is still under review.)

Again, since we are the top talent management group for new porn stars, and since you have been PRE-QUALIFIED to become our newest contract model, you should NOT contact ANY other companies while waiting for our call.

Your phone interview is the final step before we can have you visit our corporate office, satellite office or internet modeling studio to get started!

Step Three (3) - Off to the Set, New Adult Star!

(Remember, we manage different types of adult models, so you will not necessarily be doing everything mentioned below {unless you want to!}.)

  1. As a contract model, you will be managed & promoted by the most respected model management Company for new girls in the adult industry, a registered talent manager in the State of California that is supported by the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Foundation & other adult-industry testing centers.

  2. You will also have access to our sister companies (two of the largest mainstream talent management groups in Hollywood) that manage A-list SAG actors and fashion models that you have seen in major motion pictures, television shows, TV commercials & sports and fashion magazines.

  3. You'll have professional photo shoots with a top Hollywood photographer (a glamour shoot for the mainstream side of your promotion and also a nude shoot for the adult industry) to help us in promoting you to the entertainment industry.


  4. Over 1,800 adult film producers, directors & photographers throughout the porn industry will be notified of your career launch via e-mail blast with your new professional photos.

  5. You'll be meeting with the top adult (XXX) producers in the San Fernando Valley (A.K.A. "San Pornando" or "Porn Valley") & Los Angeles, CA. Our contract models are also regularly booked by porn producers in South Florida, Las Vegas, New Jersey, and in other Countries as well. (Feel free to read some of their testimonials.) Click here for a partial list with some of the 5,500+ adult and mainstream companies that our clients have booked with.

    Our new porn models usually book their first paid projects with MAJOR A-rated porn production companies within a day or so of being signed, and 100% (ALL) of our models are given the opportunity to begin earning 100% legal adult industry ca$h on the SAME DAY that they are signed.

  6. During your trip(s) to Southern California, you'll be able to attend our local gyms for FREE and also take advantage of personal training and/or the boxing, Zumba, Body Pump, Cardio Blast, Ab Explosion & Burlesque Fitness classes that our gyms offer.

  7. If you want, we'll teach you how to launch your personal pornstar website, where you can earn extra money each month from viewers all across the world charging their credit cards to view your new content!

  8. We'll teach you how to earn extra money by performing live internet modeling shows from the privacy & comfort of your own bedroom, all on the highest-paying, highest-traffic, #1 live-stream network in the world! We'll create your personal internet modeling account, provide your paid training, and we can also provide some technical support (for most computer problems) as well.

  9. We will also be promoting you to companies for mainstream (non-adult) modeling & acting such as music videos, feature films (Hollywood movies), television commercials, TV shows, print modeling, etc. (towards companies including HBO, Warner Brothers, MTV, Miramax Films and Victoria's Secret)!

    (We are the ONLY talent management Company in the adult industry that has these kind of connections, and the ability to successfully "crossover" models from Major Adult (Porn) to Major Mainstream (Hollywood). Nobody else has that power or ability... Nobody.)

  10. You will be having LOADS of FUN & making a LOT of CA$H!