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Listen... if you are a guy, and you want to be a talent scout for our Company... CONGRATULATIONS! You're already an independent talent scout for our Company, just by reading this. However, our Company cannot talk to you on the phone, or send you e-mails back-and-forth (or even a single e-mail), until you've proven that you can bear fruit (age 18+ sexy female models, in our office, ready to do porn). If you are truly serious about this, then stop surfing the net, and go find some age 18+ sexy female models to make money with!

The ONLY guys who will be accepted (and paid) as independent talent scouts through our Company (or even so much as spoken to, or e-mailed, by our staff) are those that we learn about the following way:

- An aspiring model (FEMALE) will (HERSELF) submit an application for a modeling contract on our website.

- On HER application, she will list YOUR NAME (talent scout) as the person who referred her to our Company (there is a special question on the first page of our modeling contract application specifically for this purpose). Her actual personal contact information (not your own) will be listed by her (including her personal cell phone number), on her application, as her contact info. She can provide YOUR NUMBER (talent scout) next to YOUR NAME (talent scout) on the first page of her application, but we will need to talk to (and sign) your referral(s) before we'll care to speak with you.

- Based on your referral(s) photos, she will be hot enough for us to invite her in for an interview.

- When she comes in to meet with Management Team, face-to-face, she will say something to the effect of, "If it were not for [YOUR NAME] (talent scout), then I would not have applied with your Company or come here to meet you."

When this occurs (refer to list above), you will become an official talent scout. You will have earned our respect. And our respect is NOT earned by sending us an e-mail, or wasting our time by any other means, prior to referring usable - serious about doing porn - female models.

You will be paid 10% of our Company's revenue from each of your referrals, for life. This is the best talent scout referral program in the industry. You say, "well, your 'competition' claims on their websites to offer a flat $300 - $500 per referral."

Our response: send your referrals to them, if you think that sounds better. You'll probably end up finding out the hard way that you will never see one penny of that referral fee. Also, your referrals will not be managed/promoted by the top talent management Company for new girls (18+) in the business, and they certainly will not be promoted for mainstream + porn, but rather for (if they're lucky) the porn industry only (no Hollywood feature films, TV shows, music videos or mainstream modeling). You will be doing yourself, your bank account, and your referrals, a great injustice.

Attempting to contact us before this occurs (refer to list above) by any means (including e-mail) will be translated by our Company as follows: "Hi, I'm [YOUR NAME] (talent scout)! I am NOT serious about being a talent scout for your Company, or referring aspiring models to you. I have no connections, experience, or ability to recruit aspiring porn stars, and I am a lame dude that is simply interested in wasting your time by TALKING about recruiting porn stars, instead of actually DOING it. Moreover, either (A) I'm incapable of following instructions or (B) I don't care about this opportunity enough to visit your website, and locate (and read) the clear-as-day plain-English instructions that are clearly provided, in writing, on your website." In this case, prepare to be ignored.

As a professional talent management Company, our entire organization - from top to bottom - works strictly on commission. (Our models pay us ZERO - $0 in upfront fees to sign with us.) As such, we don't have time to invest into (or answer even a single question from) aspiring talent scouts that haven't yet proven that they can bear fruit (money) for our Company. If you're truly serious about making money by referring models to the top Company in the business, then start referring (it's VERY simple)... THEN (ONLY after you've proven that you can bear fruit) we'll have time to invite you to our office to answer questions, train you, and help you to develop your skills as a pornstar recruiter.

If you want to become a porn star, talent manager, agent, etc... and you're a guy (someone with a penis and ball-sack attached to their body)... we can NOT help you. I'd suggest you do what Nike suggests (which is exactly how I personally got to where I am today), and "JUST DO IT!"

If you want to get paid (by us) to refer models to us... then start referring!

Otherwise... if you're an 18+ female reading this... why are you doing that?

You (AGE 18+ FEMALES ONLY) should be filling out an application for a modeling contract.


Senior Vice President