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Sasha Grey - Crossover Model

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Sasha Grey: The Hero of Crossover Modeling

By our Senior V.P.

Sasha Grey: The Hero of Crossover Modeling | Article By: Mike Lewis, CrossoverModeling.com

Sasha Grey has become the ultimate personification of crossover modeling, and crossover modeling is what we do best. “Crossover Modeling” is the art of “crossing over” FROM legitimate XXX adult films INTO MAJOR legitimate mainstream Hollywood acting and modeling. The critics and naysayers say that it cannot be done successfully, but Sasha Grey has totally and completely proven them wrong, and we are thankful to her for her example. Sasha Grey entered the porn industry at the age of 18, and she is only 22 now. She can be found on over 200 XXX porn DVDs and websites, and now – in 2010 – Sasha can be found playing a major role on a hit HBO original series (and one of our favorite and most often-mentioned TV shows)… Entourage. This Entourage role is not just a “guest star” appearance; this is an actual major multi-episode role as the lead character Vincent Chase’s girlfriend.

Entourage is not the only mainstream project that Sasha Grey has done; she also played the lead role in Steven Soderbergh's Girlfriend Experience (an approximately $1.7 million budget mainstream Hollywood movie) and she also modeled in 2007 on a CD cover for the Smashing Pumpkins rock band. Sasha Grey also came out in a music video by The Roots (hip hop music group) and she did a commercial for PETA (an animal rights organization) in January of 2010. Sasha Grey is currently working on other mainstream productions as well.

Sasha Grey is an example to open-minded and ambitious young women everywhere. Explore your sexuality, have fun, become rich and successful at a young age, and don’t listen to the critics that say “doing porn will hold you back from doing mainstream” – they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, and Sasha Grey has proven that! Producers and directors of major Hollywood movies and television shows don’t care if you’ve had a career in the adult film industry. They only care that you fit the role that they’re looking for at the time, and that you’re a responsible person. Doug Ellin (the Creator and Executive Producer of Entourage) said of Sasha Grey, “She’s in my mind the only porn star who is actually believably a real girl, that’s not fake. It’s all natural, she looks like the girl next door, she’s smart, she’s well-spoken, and I probably wouldn’t [have done the story if] she wasn’t doing it. It had to be her.” You probably will not be playing Vincent Chase’s girlfriend on Entourage, but there are thousands of other roles available. So go out there and chase your dream! If you’re as open-minded as Sasha Grey and a legal adult, you can apply with our Company to help you get started.

Since 2007, we have been marketing our Company for exactly what it is: (1) a personal management company [not agency] for adult film (porn) models, based in the heart of the porn capital of the world (San Fernando Valley, California) and (2) the ONLY personal management company in the entire American porn industry with the already-established connections, power and ability to promote its clients for MAJOR mainstream productions (including Hollywood movies, TV shows, reality TV, music videos, fashion modeling, etc.) in addition to its ability to effectively manage its clients’ careers within the American porn industry. We are the first and only true “crossover” talent management company in the United States, and although she is not the only crossover model in the world, Sasha Grey is the one model who has definitively taken crossover modeling to the next level. Sasha Grey is, in my mind, the Hero of our Industry… the new industry called crossover modeling.

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