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Question for Mike from Nes


Sexual Supplements for Male Porn Stars, Performance Enhancement for Adult Performers



For male performers what is the best supplement used for stamina and semen production? Also what's the best way to screen a guy for potential as talent? Especially since every guy thinks he's so special.


I’ve heard of Nite Rider, Kaboom and Cockstar supplements (and, of course, good old Viagra) all being used effectively on set. Especially when I’m shooting my own content, I prefer to go au natural (drug & supplement free). I don’t want to become dependent on anything, and – in my mind – at 27, I’m too young to justify needing to use that kind of thing. I would always recommend talking to one’s personal physician or a licensed medical doctor before taking any drugs or supplements, and my statement is not an endorsement or recommendation of any product, drug or supplement.

With regards to screening male talent, my experience is pretty limited. The talent management Company I work for, manages almost solely female talent. The only two guys on our roster are Harley Fire (who is somewhat of an adult-industry celebrity) and yours truly. Harley had already done some amateur work before we signed him, so I knew that he could perform. Otherwise, my “screening” experience is mainly sorting through aspiring female models.

There is only a handful of highly successful male talent in the industry – each guy performing with hundreds (or even thousands) of female models because the viewers of straight porn care a lot more about the female than the male.

As always, girls age 18+ looking to get into the adult industry and become porn stars are encouraged to apply online for personal management and promotion in the entertainment industry.

Articles & Information