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Standard Porn Industry Rates

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Standard Industry Rates in the Porn Business


The standard rate paid to female porn models in the adult film business in California is anywhere from $750 - $1,200 per scene ($900 average). This rate is for a standard B/G (boy/girl) scene with vaginal intercourse; less intense scenes might pay less, and more intense scenes will pay more. Adult film production companies outside of California, in states such as Florida, often pay less than the standard rates in California as well.


Our models are always paid the standard industry rates; we make sure of it by advising our models as to which producers' offers they should accept or decline and via post-production follow-up with producers. As an adult film model, one of the many benefits of having a reputable management group standing behind you is to protect yourself from disreputable and unprofessional characters (i.e., sleazebags) such as (truce)1 and others who support companies paying sub-standard rates (even as low as $50 - $1002) to their models for a full-blown boy/girl scene.


We encourage all sexy ladies to apply with us for personal management & promotion in the adult film business.

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Articles & Information