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Starting a Porn Production Company on the East Coast and East Coast Porn Agencies

Question for Mike from VoX

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At present I have investors, a crew of professional camera men and photographers, now all I need are models. I've put up casting notices on a few xxx job related websites, taken out an ad in a local 'progressive' paper and seem to be striking out. I live on the East Coast near DC and am wondering if there are any good East Coast agencies? I figure an agency may be my best bet here. So, besides moving to L.A. (which is not an option) what would you suggest?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Thanks for your question.

I'm going to have to give you the honest answer (which is actually often opposite to the "feels-good" answer). I would not recommend starting a hardcore porn production company anywhere in the United States besides California or New Hampshire. (And I would highly recommend California over New Hampshire, since Los Angeles is the porn capital of the world.) Why would you start a company where your rights are not protected (by a matter of state law) as a pornographer? (Google "California VS Freeman".) That doesn't make any sense.

With the economy the way it is, and the trials of starting a new business (of any kind) already being a guaranteed thing, why would you risk the possible additional complications of your state muddling and interfering in your business activities (and possibly throwing you in jail)... especially when it's not necessary?

If you indeed have investors, professional cameramen, and photographers already lined up and ready to jump in to put thousands of dollars and 100,000 hours in to become one of the top adult content production houses in the Country, then there is no real reason why you would not be able to start your business in California.

Of course, I'm a talent manager by trade (not a lawyer). For specific legal advice about starting an adult business, I would recommend hitting up a licensed lawyer within the adult film industry.

Otherwise, I would recommend checking out an article I published previously with tips on producing porn.

Remember, what I'm telling you is just my opinion (based on my knowledge of the law and the state-of-affairs of the American porn industry). When it comes to talent & models, I believe that booking models that are on contract with our Company is one of the best decisions a producer can make. Our models arrive early and show up on set with an excellent attitude, valid TTS (or equivalent) test, requested wardrobe changes, etc. We actually have a lot of clients (models) that live on the East Coast, and at least west of the Mississippi. Although our out-of-state clients book most of their work in California (since the porn industry is based here), LicensedModels.com has models that live in Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Missouri, etc.

Hope this helps.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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