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How to Find Adult Film Companies and Their Contacts to Start a Porn Agency

Question for Mike from Gaius in California

Find Adult Film Companies and Contacts, Starting a Porn Agency
find adult film companies, agencies, porn producers


Hello sir,

My name is Gaius and I just opened up my first adult talent agency. I now have 10 models who are ready to go, but here is the thing... I don't know how to find legit porn companies who actually film porn and who pay the models. Every time I ask an expert this question, the response I get is they're always trying to partner with me or I have to pay big bucks.

Please, if you can, tell me who or where to contact from the little film companies to big companies. That will be a blessing.




Thank you for coming to me for advice.

WARNING: I am a very blunt and straight-forward person. I tell it like it is, and I believe that real men can not only "handle" that, but they also tend to appreciate it.

Congratulations on your new business. You're in California, so at least you're in the correct locale to start this sort of company. I sincerely wish success upon your talent representation Company, so long as your activities do not conflict with my own. And I truly mean that. Just this evening, I spent 20-minutes on the phone building a friendly relationship & relaying information to a 6-month old talent agency in the adult film business (here in the San Fernando Valley). This is a Company that many would consider to be my "direct competitor" on some levels. When appropriate, I've also helped out several other licensed & bonded porn talent agencies on several different levels, including introducing them to some of our connections (producers) in the "mainstream" Hollywood film industry.

Do I do these things because I'm trying to practice some "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" crap? NO! It's because there are currently over 7.122 billion people on this planet. I figure that's 'round about 3.561 billion FEMALES. Now... how many of those 3.561 BILLION females do you suppose are (or are soon going to be) between the ages of... say 18 years and 2 months to 35 years old?

And... of those... how many are - with the right marketing & approach - going to be willing to LEGALLY & SAFELY spread their legs for cash on cam (do porn) and actually look good enough to star in a pornographic movie? Now, I'm no expert mathematician or statistician, and these are just estimates... but at just 1% of the 18-year-and-2-month-old to 35-year-old females on earth (very realistic, in my opinion - again, with the right marketing & approach... and makeup)...

that's over 35.5 MILLION potential porn models. And guess what? In 20 years, I reckon there may even be a few more!

This business has always been... is... and always will be... a GOLD MINE! Welcome to the NEW California Gold Rush (or Pink & Green Rush, I should say), my friend!

My contact instructions (that you could not have missed before writing me) clearly states: "I do not accept questions from aspiring talent agents."

The fact that you completely bum-rushed my instructions may be an indication that you have the fortitude & balls to build a big & successful talent agency in the American porn industry. Hopefully so... I don't know. I'm not God. :)

Here's a couple things that should help you:

Agent VS Manager article. You say that you've started your "first talent agency". Are you an approved & licensed talent agent in the State of California? Have you put up a $10,000 bond for your agency? If not, then you are not technically (or legally) an agent... you are a talent scout with 10 models who claim (perhaps in an e-mail to you... I don't know) that they are willing to do porn.

That's not an insult, by the way. It's the law. Don't get me wrong... a lot of guys with 10 models willing to do porn are busy contemplating various ways & methods to exploit & take advantage of "their" models. The fact that you are at least making an honest effort to find your models work is yet another indication that you are perhaps the "right man for the job".

How to Become a Porn Model Manager article. You stated in your question that you are an aspiring talent agent. And, as you'll learn in the previously mentioned article, an agent is not a manager (and vice versa). Regardless, a lot of the steps for becoming a talent manager will apply to you as an aspiring talent agent as well.

Now, with regards to your contact list that you're seeking...

Believe me... I completely understand your predicament. I previously stated in my "Become a Porn Model Manager" article: "It’s also a matter of "the chicken or the egg"... which do you put first? It will be difficult to introduce yourself to producers without having models that they can meet. On the other hand, it will be difficult to keep a roster of happy models – especially brand-new girls – if you don’t have a slew of producers to introduce them to as soon as you sign them." I understand that.

And YOU need to understand the reason why adult talent agents, etc. are not necessarily jumping out of their seats at the idea of handing over their contacts to some guy who e-mails them out of the blue. That's their business. They've worked hard to build their contact lists. And God has seen fit to provide it to them and/or allow them to have it.

A pessimistic "old-dog" male porn actor that I met at our industry's new STD-testing center recently made a comment to me about another new talent Company; he sarcastically exclaimed, "Oh GREAT! That's all we need... ANOTHER agent!"

Alternatively, I say, sincerely, "another agent in the porn industry... so long as he has solid motives, and professional business ethics... I think that's awesome! I WANT to be a part of a healthy industry... and new companies 'popping up' is, I believe, an indication of a healthy and growing industry. After all... signing 35.5 MILLION aspiring porn stars is going to cut into my Modern Warfare 2 & boning time... my momma taught me how to share!" :) Snoop & Nate Dogg's track said it best... "It ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none!"

Frankly, the guys you've talked to view providing their contact list to you as blatantly empowering the "competition". They have absolutely no motive to empower you to achieve your dreams. In fact, some of them would probably outright like to see you fail (like the porn actor I met at the pornstar STD-testing center). It's the way our economy works. It's free enterprise. It's capitalism. And it's awesome - the best system that I'm aware of... but that competitive spirit is perhaps a by-product or potential "side effect" of the system.

Robert Kiyosaki, the famous multi-millionaire author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", has recently outright endorsed the legitimate multi-level/network-marketing industry. Why? Because it's capitalism at it's best... independent business owners who are given a financial motive to see other businesses - in the exact same industry - succeed, and even potentially SURPASS their own level of success.

An actual multi-level porn model representation company (for talent scouts/agents/managers) does not currently exist in the U.S., and probably anywhere in the entire world. The closest thing to it, however, would be our Company's Porn Model Referral Program.

By referring your models, as an independent (non-employee) talent scout, to our Company, you will be able to establish your own network, "team", or "company" of models. Your models will be promoted to every single professional producer of pornography in the entire Country, and that will happen via the services of the top talent management Company for new girls in the American adult film biz. They (your models) will have the opportunity to go mainstream, if they wish. And you will be paid the same way any legitimate talent agent or manager gets paid - by commission.

Will I provide you a list with my porn producer contacts? No, I will not. Depending on how you look it, that can be considered akin to asking a man to borrow his wife. It's like asking Jay Duke for the "secret recipe" to his baked beans ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCHPdjNam6M&NR=1 ). (I'm being playful here.)

In our Company's case, our actual contact list (the names & phone numbers of producers, etc.) is important, but it's just a small "gear" in the big machine that is the top talent & model management Company for new girls (18+) in the American adult film business. More important are the relationships we've built over decades, and the knowledge & experience we've gained in the process.

When our adult-industry division was new, like you are now, I had an adult talent representative offer his entire business (including his producer contact list) to our Corporation for about $35,000. My bosses decided against that "easy" / "turn-key" road, and I'm glad that they did. Contacts & contact lists can be bought & sold. Phone numbers get disconnected, e-mail addresses change, production companies go out of business, and new production companies start up.

No... I will not provide you with my contacts of porn producers. But I will do you one better. I will help you to grow & succeed as an adult talent representative, if you agree to do the same in reciprocity. Now THAT is capitalism!

Whether or not you decide to take me up on my offer is up to you. Either way, I truly wish you the best of success with whatever direction you decide to take.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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