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This Young Man Wants to Learn from an Expert - How to Get My First Job in Porn??

Question for Mike from Joe

get my first porn job, find work in the porn industry


Dear Mike,

I would like to obtain an off camera job in the adult film industry, such as one as a Production Assistant.  I have spent some time searching for job postings on the internet, but have not had much luck, I assume because these positions are mainly filled by people with industry contacts.  What is the best way to look for such a job?  I have no background in film, but I am within a year of finishing college.  Is it possible for me to get a job in the industry?  I understand Mason at Elegant Angel did not have a degree in film before she began working for them.



Thanks a lot for coming to me with your question(s), and welcome to the wild world of "inside the porn industry"!

From experience I can tell you... it's a hell of an industry to be a part of... and probably not what you would initially expect it to be like.

The people are surprisingly very similar to folks in other industries... you've got nice folks, as well as outright assholes... professionals, as well as drug abusers & scum-suckers... hard-workers, and also a bunch of lazy folks as well; the whole gamut!

The porn industry is just as "cliquish" as any junior high or high school, with some of its members having not progressed far beyond the maturity level that would be expected at those institutions.

Speaking of which... here's a little interesting secret fact: the school "slut" is actually NOT the most likely to end up becoming a pornstar, as most people would expect. A lot of times, she'll actually end up being a plain-old slut for the rest of her life.

It's actually - most of the time - the girls that were more reserved (perhaps even modest) and perhaps a little quiet or shy in school... those are the ones that often end up spreading their legs on film, atop the ol' beef shank.

Oye! If I only knew then, what I know now! :)

I know the porn industry wasn't what I had envisioned it to be like. In 2006'ish, my boss authorized the opening of the adult-industry division of our mainstream talent mgmt. Company (LicensedModels.com was birthed from a talent representation Company for Hollywood screen actors and fashion models).

At the time, we had almost 2 decades of talent mgmt. experience, but we still knew next-to-nothing about the porn industry - although the adult film industry itself was geographically headquartered right "in our own backyard" (in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA).

My boss put me in charge of opening the division (since it was "my bright idea"), and he sent me on a quest to learn everything I could about the porn business (kind of like the Hobbit, but with a slightly different goal).

I went to go work in the sales departments (sales being my background before the entertainment industry) of 2 separate porn production Companies, an amateur Company where I was the producer's only employee, and subsequently a larger "mid-size" production Company. (Production companies, for those who don't know, are the ones that actually make the movies. I know you know this, Joe... but others will be reading this answer as well.)

I found my first porn job in the newspaper. Didn't care about the hours, benefits or pay... it had something about "adult" and "film" in the title of the ad... that was all I cared about, no matter what it was (so long as it was in the straight - hetero - porn industry, that is). I just wanted to work in the porn industry!

When the amateur producer gave me the job, it was the lowest-paying job I've had in my entire life, but I still felt like a frickin' king! I couldn't resist calling and telling pretty much everyone... even my own dad! "Hey everyone... I'm going to work in the PORN industry!"

My dad's a good guy, so he didn't pat me on the back like I'd hoped. Too bad... I'm doing what I want and love. :)

I found my first porn job in the paper, but I also had the good fortune of being located where the porn industry is... unfortunately you do not. That's going to make things tough for you, realistically speaking. The porn industry - the American porn industry that is - is headquartered in Los Angeles. Yes, there are a few production companies elsewhere... but "the industry" is in Los Angeles.

Don't worry... I'll balance that out with a positive suggestion in a minute. :) Don't drop out of school to fly to L.A. just yet.

Do you know how many film schools there are - just in Los Angeles - pumping out graduates left and right? The production companies are overrun by e-mails and applications from aspiring cosmetologists & hairdressers (both are basically codewords for un-hatched porn models) & P.A.'s.

You have to ask yourself this question: What do porn production companies NEED?

Not to say that it's impossible to find a P.A. job for a porn company, but they're certainly not starving to find them.

What porn companies NEED to keep their "wheels turning" is HOT YOUNG (Age 18+, including barely 18+) FRESH FEMALE MODELS.

You told me you are finishing college within a year. It's not an all-boys school, I take it?

Think outside the box, my friend! :)

You have a porn job - on campus - starting TODAY!

Put your environment to work - for you! :) What I mean is this: to catch the attention of the porn industry, as I have, you have to provide it what it's looking for.

Think of the porn industry like a pit bull on the opposite side of a fence, and you want to befriend it. Don't send it your resume, telling it why you'd make such a great P.A.!

Go get a nice juicy & succulent sirloin steak.. and bait the S.O.B.! That's right. :) Dangle a nice little piece of meat in front of him, and let him have a bite or two.

Now you've got his attention... and NOW, he'll give you whatever you want.

That's the trick. :)

I'll be honest... I've got producers that text me on a regular basis, "good morning Mike, do you have (such and such) type of girl available for a booking today?" Some of these people wouldn't even give me the time of day before I entered the industry... but they have since learned that I'm the meat-man! I provide them with the fresh meat that they NEED.

And because they now know and trust me... they know my face and my name, my personality, etc... If I felt like quitting my current job(s), I'm confident that I could have an editing job, a talent agent job, a sales job, a P.A. job, etc. in the porn industry by this time next week.

This isn't the ONLY way to go about achieving your stated goal... but it's a suggestion, based off of my own personal experience.

Here's some more info about recruiting female porn models - if you're interested - for the #1 top talent management, representation & promotion Company in the American porn industry.

Get some bunnies, my man. Female porn star applicants should apply here.

They are your ticket... the bunnies... they're your KEY to open the door to the porn industry.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President