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Mike Answers a Question from an 18-year-old Girl About Losing Her Virginity on Camera, in a Porn

Question for Mike from Yasmeen in Punjab, Pakistan

pop my cherry in a porn movie, lose my virginity on camera, have sex first time on camera
become a porn star, apply online as an adult model

I'm 18teen and I'm a virgin. I want 2 lose my virginity on camera in a porn movie.



Thank you for contacting me. You have definitely come to the right person to ask this question. I hope things are going well for you as an 18+ teenager there in Punjab, Pakistan.

Your Country couldn't hide Bin Laden from the US Armed Forces, and they can't hide your virginity from us, either! ;)

This business is AWESOME! And I don't know about in Pakistan... but here in Los Angeles, it is 100% completely LEGAL too!

I never expect any woman to do ANYTHING that they are not only comfortable with, but I also don't expect ANY woman to do ANYTHING that she doesn't WANT to do. And that's one of the great things about my job, as a talent manager in the American porn industry... all of my models COME to ME. They WANT to do porn! And you WANT to LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY in a porn movie! Who the heck am I to tell you that you shouldn't do what you WANT to do?? Who the heck is ANYBODY that would try to tell you that??

You should follow your heart, and do WHATEVER it is that you WANT to do. In the eyes of the United States government, you are now old enough to be considered an adult - and therefore you are able to make your own decisions. And I encourage that 155%.

Do what you WANT! :) Follow your bliss. If my heart told me to move to Pakistan and start a burger joint... by-golly, that's exactly what I would do! And that would make me happy, because I would be doing what I WANT to be doing.

In your case, if you want to come to the U.S. to lose your virginity on camera... then do it! There are, however, a couple practical steps you'll need to take before you can get started. One of those steps is establishing residency (and getting a "green card" here in the U.S.) You need to research that, and figure out how to do it on your own. That is the part that I cannot help you with.

Is it going to be as easy as blinking your eyes or clicking your shoes together? Let's be honest... does anything of ANY value ever come that easy? Rome wasn't built in a day, and your career as the next big Pakistani-American porn star won't be either. A couple other steps are reviewed in this article.

You can go ahead and apply online for a modeling contract as well. We'll need to start an application file on you here in our office. Apply online.

Concern yourself with (A) getting to Los Angeles, and (B) being ready & legal to work in the USA. We'll take care of the rest.

My personal guarantees to you, Yasmeen from Punjab:

(A) If you get to Los Angeles, legal to work in porn, (so long as you're approved for a modeling contract with our Company) you WILL BE provided with the top model management & promotional services to the American porn industry available in the entire nation. NOBODY does a better job of promoting & managing brand-new-to-the-U.S.-porn-industry porn models than our Company... and I mean NOBODY.


I will personally DOUBLE the effort into your career that you put into it (so long as you're approved for a modeling contract with our Company).

Good luck... let's get that cherry of yours popped ASAP!

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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