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Leah Got Contacted by an "Agent" with a Big Porn Company to do an Audition... Is it Legit?


Hi there! I recently received a response from an agent who claims he works for kink.com.  However, he says he works for an office down in West Palm Beach, FL. I also live in Florida so I have been trying to find work close to home.  He wants me to have an audition at a hotel room and then I will be emailed my contract. Is there really a branch related to kink.com in West Palm Beach? I thought the only studio for kink.com was in San Francisco.  I know that there are scammers out there so I would like your advice before I make this investment. Thank you!


Hi Leah,

Thanks for cuming to me with your question. You were VERY smart to do so.

Short answer to your question: ABSOLUTELY NOT LEGIT; run like hell!

1.) Age 18+ and sexy? Apply online for the top talent management available in the adult industry.

This question that you have for me IS a pure talent management question. You're lucky that I'm taking questions today, though (I don't take questions mondays - tuesdays, and I have a 2 question per day limit), and that I was able to get back to you quickly. If something like this comes up in the future, you might not be so lucky (unless we officially become your talent manager).

Apply online so that you can have access to get this exact type of question answered 24x7 by simply picking up the phone and calling your assigned talent rep, here at our Company.

2.) Kink doesn't shoot in Florida. They don't have offices or studios in Florida. They simply aren't there.

There are only 3 large & legit porn production companies in the state of Florida, of which only one (1) is an A-rated production company, and ZERO of which are in West Palm Beach. For the most part, the American porn production industry is located in Los Angeles & (more recently, to some extent) in Las Vegas.

Whether it's attributable to sheer laziness, or the fact that most aspiring pornstars don't have the funds for a trip to Los Angeles, or a combination of the 2, many an aspiring pornstar have been duped by this very line, by many a horny scam artist: "Hi there... I'm your local Vivid / Kink / Reality Kings / whatever rep, here in... [Tulsa, Milwaukee, West Palm Beach, etc.]... come bone me in a motel room to become a pornstar."

It's a load a crap.

The porn industry simply isn't located where you're located. To become a pornstar, a sexy young lady MUST BE PREPARED to purchase her own airfare to/from Los Angeles... get on an actual plane to Los Angeles... carry her own weight (financially & otherwise) for a 1 - 2 week trip to Los Angeles, etc.

Success - especially in the entertainment industry - is not necessarily just going to "fall into your lap", Leah. It's not always convenient.

Kink.com has offices / studios in San Francisco & Van Nuys, CA. (And no... not in West Palm Beach.) Our contract models have shot with this production Company, and I have personally been to their offices - with our contract girls - many times.

3.) Legit porn production companies don't require "auditions", like you're describing. Some agencies / talent management companies do require this type of audition (or a S.A.P.), in order to verify a new model's camera-readiness, prior to introducing her to all the big production companies.

But no legit individual production company (including Kink.com) does so. The most a production company will require (usually in an office setting; not in a hotel) would be a copy of your ID, perhaps a completed paper or electronic application, and some nude stills (photographs) of you... but you're not going to be coming into physical contact with anybody - that IS the job.

4.) The only "contract" that Kink.com (or any other production company) would give to a model (except in very limited circumstances - this one NOT included) would be a model release, for a single shoot.

You sign this document(s), which will mention how much money you'll be getting paid for the shoot, before doing any shooting / fucking... not after!

5.) Kink.com doesn't have "agents". Agents work for agencies. Kink.com is not an agency. Directors work for production companies.

6.) Even if this dude was legit (which he definitely is not), Kink.com wouldn't necessarily be the best Company for you to start your career with. Although a legit production company, Kink is not an A-rated production company.

It's better for new porn starlets to begin with more "mainstream" A-rated porn production companies, doing more standard "boyfriend / girlfriend style" porn shoots, than to do their first shoot with a company that produces staged gang-rape scenes.

Not to say you should NEVER shoot with Kink... but you shouldn't begin your career with them, in my professional opinion.

(Of course Kink.com wouldn't give you this info... but that's another reason why it's important for you - or any other sexy aspiring porn starlet - to FIRST secure legit top-of-the-line talent management BEFORE pursuing shoots with ANY production company.

You want an adviser, a mentor, a personal representative... somebody who has no bias or ulterior motive to tell you "shoot for this (or that) company"... someone that will have your best interest at heart, and give it you straight. You can get that by applying online)

Finally, most of these scammers - from my experience - are lazy bums. I'll bet you a blowjob that the domain (the part AFTER the @ symbol) of this douche-bag's e-mail address is some free service (i.e., Gmail, Hotmail, Ymail, Yahoo, etc.)?

That's a dead giveaway. Kink.com is one of many porn production companies that will use only their own corporate e-mail addresses to e-mail people. If this guy's e-mail address isn't (so-n-so)@KINK.com, then tell him to go fly a kite.

Hope this all helps.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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