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Making a Porn Movie, Hiring Porn Stars, Employing Adult Models

You answered this question on 12/15/11

Questioner: Pete
Category: Adult Film
Private: No
Subject: making a porn movie with a porn star
Question: I am trying to film a porn scene with a porn actress.
How do I go about finding the talent and what fees should I be looking at?
Do I need to worry about any legal ramification? I live in San Diego
Answer: Pete,

Thanks for your question. Adult film productions houses, both large & small (amateur) alike, often hire talent through one or more of the talent agencies in the American porn industry - of which, believe it or not, there are actually only a select few legit companies.

I believe that hiring talent with legitimate representation (in the form of an adult talent agency, adult talent management company, or both) is the best way to go. Doing so can decrease the likelihood of several potential issues, including talent blatantly "flaking" (not showing up for the shoot, showing up late, or showing up - but not ready to shoot - which could include invalid or un-certified STD tests, not having appropriate identification needed for federally-mandated record keeping, not having appropriate wardrobe, or even running out of your studio the moment a penis is pulled out!)

The very definition of the word "agency" is essentially to "act (or do things) on behalf of" something (or someone) else.

Law enforcement agencies protect our streets. Employment agencies find employment for people. And adult talent agencies find porn shoots for porn models. They negotiate rates & contracts with producers, on behalf of their models.

But they also take care of things for you - if becoming a legit pornographer is something that you are serious about. They make sure that the issues mentioned above don't come up (or, at least, decrease the likelihood that they will come up), and they take care of the rigmarole of recruiting porn stars.

Believe it or not, this is a full-time job. As a registered talent manager in the State of California, that's what my division of our Company has been doing for half a decade now (recruiting new porn starlets into the "skin biz").

The mental "leap" from a sexy young woman saying to herself, "I wonder if I should try to become a porn star... that sounds like a fun & easy way to make money... I like to f***, so maybe I should give it a try," to her actually showing up on a legitimate porn set - mentally & emotionally ready to star in her first scene - with valid ID's & wardrobe & makeup & adult-industry STD test, etc. is a very big leap. And sifting through the "curious" to find the "serious", and then preparing the "serious" to get to this point - is literally a full-time job - in and of itself.

So, why not let a professional talent agency or talent management company handle all of that stuff for you... so that you can handle the important parts of your new business: production?

I'm not a lawyer, but obviously you must only consider working with adult females that have valid U.S. ID's, make sure to secure a solid model release from a reputable lawyer (you might be able to talk to Dan Pepper [ http://www.PepperLawGroup.com/], on this site (All Experts), about that - he's a lawyer), etc. I would recommend consulting legal advice from a member of the State Bar before beginning production.

Lot's of pretty & open-minded girls in San Diego... in fact, I don't think there's any ugly girls down there. FYI, our Company actually pays referral fees ( http://www.licensedmodels.com/Recruiting.html) to refer models to us.

With regards to rates, check out this article: http://www.licensedmodels.com/Standard_Rates_for_Porn.html

With regards to meeting Licensed Models, check out our models, here: http://www.licensedmodels.com/Crown_Models.php

And then book them, here: http://www.licensedmodels.com/Bookings.html Please mention AllExperts when booking our model(s).

Hope this helps. Good luck with your new venture.

Thanks for your question. Merry Christmas.