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Question for Porno Mike from Krystal - can I become a plus-size porn model?

Question for Mike from Krystal

thick plus-size bbw porn models making money in the porn industry and finding bbw porn agents


I am a plus-size woman living in New York and I was wondering if there are porn agents that would be interested? And my second question is... would I make any money for being heavy?


Happy New Year! How are you?

From experience, it's often the girls that ARE "BBW" that don't readily admit to it, and other girls that call themselves "plus-size" are often sexy porn model material, but just a little thick (which can be a good thing).

There is no set height/weight ratio or limits in porn, like there is with runway and fashion modeling. The general scale I use is not very scientific, but it goes something like this: If I would personally take this particular chick home from a club or party and give her a toss in the sack, then she can probably make some good money in the porn industry! I know, it's not exactly rocket science or as complex as Google's algorithm, but it's usually right on target as a way to determine the answer to the question "can this girl make money in the business?"

There used to be a big agency that dealt primarily with BBW models, but they went out of business a few years ago. Nowadays, the best talent management group on the entire continent for ANY new female porn model, regardless of size, background, race/ethnicity, etc. is our Company.

FYI... Again, regardless of size, background, race, etc., to become a successful porn star in North America, you MUST be able to travel to Los Angeles, CA (the porn capital of the world), as (1) it's the only place in the country where porn is 100% legal to make, and (2) all the big companies are located here.

Fill out a model application on our site. Follow it up with photos. Put on there that you were referred by Mike the Boss, and I'll call you back personally to give you my honest opinion. Please note, however, that our Company's maximum weight limit for models is 170 LB.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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