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Porn Model Agency Info - Part 1 - What a Porn Model Agency is NOT

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Porn Model Agencies - Part I

What a Porn Model Agency is NOT

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 A legit porn model agency is not an escort service
(and a legit porn agent is not a pimp or a madam)

Escort services, pimps, madams and porn model agents all have one thing in common: they all solicit work (procure employment) of a sexual nature for their clients, whether they choose to openly admit this fact, or not. There is no debating this. But that’s the ONLY thing that a legit porn agent should have in common with the others.

Most, if not all, of the biggest & most well-known so-called “licensed & bonded porn agents” in Los Angeles (the porn capital of the United States) have this very confused, very literally. They believe that “selling pussy is selling pussy, no matter who is doing the buying”.

When aspiring porn models come to most porn agencies to begin their careers as high-class adult film stars, they are gullibly (without previously expecting it) signing up for two (2) separate forms of talent representation, at the SAME time: (A) a porn agent and (B) a pimp or a madam. (In other words, they went in to get only one, yet they walk out with two!) It’s 2013 now… and this is literally going on in the American porn industry today, as it has been for decades.

Is this okay? Not in our Company’s opinion.

A religious right-wing conservative republican might claim that porn & prostitution go hand-in-hand; they are on the same exact level. Apparently, most of the big porn agencies agree with these hyper-conservatives, as pertains to this issue. At our Company, we don’t. We believe that one (porn) is a good thing for open-to-adult-industry-work ladies to pursue, and that the other (prostitution) is not.

Three years ago, we published an article detailing some of our reasons for this belief: Read more about Porn VS Prostitution

There’s no middle ground. No grey area. No excuses, no explanations, no “ifs”, no “ands” and no “buts”. (Lots of butts, but no “buts”.) One is good, and the other is bad.

Ask the owners of the big porn agencies if they run prostitution rings alongside of their porn agencies, and – if you’re lucky enough to get some answers – you’ll likely receive a myriad of very politic denials of this truth. They’ll tell you that, in addition to running a porn model agency, they also run a “high-class escort/courtesan/companion/provider service” (i.e., prostitution ring) for “distinguished & discerning business-gentlemen” (i.e., tricks with some cash) or some bologna along these lines.

The fact remains, when a new aspiring model walks into their office for her first time, an agency photo shoot (for promotional pictures) is going to be scheduled immediately; it might even take place on-the-spot. The photos taken during this photo shoot… the same exact photos… are going to be immediately placed (in the case of many large porn model agencies) on literally two (2) separate websites: one of the websites will be for the porn industry (to get the models work with porn producers & directors), and the other website will (literally) be for the solicitation of prostitution (to get the SAME EXACT models “work” with tricks and johns).

There is one word for this: W-R-O-N-G… wrong.

Our Company has the balls to stand up to these big pimp agencies and tell aspiring porn models outright “we’re simply a better place for you to start your career in the porn industry than they are,” and this is one of the many reasons why. Once a porn agency crosses the “pimp” line, we no longer care about the agencies’ license or bond status, or how big their office or roster is, or how many twits they have following their Twitter account… and neither should you!

We’re one of the few & the proud with the willingness to stand up (and not back down) against the pimp agents, but we’re not the ONLY ones. One porn star (who has since signed with a different agency) was getting flack from her former pimp agency last August [2012], over her desire to terminate her contract with them. A respectable full-fledged porn model (not a half-hooker/half-pornstar) and a ballsy girl who wasn’t willing to “bend over and take it” (figuratively & literally) from just anyone, she posted her SMS conversation with her old agency online, for the world to see:

porn model agency, adult talent agent

You go, girl! We need more girls in the industry like you!

We need porn models that are currently signed to the big agencies to take a stance, put the agencies’ bad behavior on blast – on the internet, just like this girl did – and to say to the pimp agents, “If I wanted to become a damn whore… I would have done that in my hometown! I came to California, and to your so-called ‘licensed & bonded adult talent agency’ to become a porn star, not a prostitute! What the f&*# do you mean ‘[I] can make good money escorting’? If you can’t help girls become successful as pornstars, then get the f&*# out of Porn Valley, and go become a full-time pimp / madam, you f&*#ing sleazeballs!"

Unless you want to pursue a career as a "high-class prostitute" (no such thing exists, by the way), and then walk around calling yourself a model? But we don't believe you found this website with those intentions. If they are, then by all means... go sign with one of these big agencies/escort agencies. There are plenty of them to choose from. If you are serious about becoming a professional adult film star, on the other hand, then sign with us.

Intelligent females that aren't even in the industry are now getting the courage to speak-out against these so-called "agents" and their pimping & pandering:

rachel hodin calls ben english, derek hay, la direct models founder owner, a two-bit pimp

The above screen-clipping is part of an article by Rachel Hodin. Ms. Hodin does not work in the adult film industry (we in the porn industry would refer to her as a "civilian"), but rather as an independent researcher who spent six (6) months researching the American porn industry. On June 7, 2013, Ms. Hodin published an article titled 17 Little-Known Facts About The Porn Industry. This fact (about the big porn agents moonlighting as pimps/madams) made it on her list. We already knew this was true; unfortunately most naive girls looking to start their porn careers are not aware of it - until it's too late.

You just have to take the blinders off, see the truth behind the smoke & mirrors, call BULLSHIT on these so-called "agents" (pimps), and (if you're on contract with them) abandon your contract with these criminals to sign with a LEGIT talent representation Company, such as our own. If you're new to the industry, make sure to avoid these "porno pimps & madams" like the plague. Instead, find a reputable talent management Company that actually cares about you, your goals, dreams & aspirations, & your dignity as a woman, and as a human being.

If a man or woman that calls him/herself a porn agent also moonlights as a pimp or madam, or if they encourage their adult-film-performer clients to moonlight as “escorts” (prostitutes) under any condition, then they are simply a low-life pimp/madam and they deserve (and will receive) ZERO respect form our Company as a legitimate talent agent or entertainment industry professional… PERIOD.

Any contracts that models have signed with them are likely null & void, since the business relationship has been poisoned by the illegal enterprise. (Ask a lawyer to make sure.)

Mixing eggs, butter, cake mix & water can make an absolutely delectable lemon cake… but if you add a 1/2 cup of strychnine (rat poison) in the mixing-bowl, then your lemon cake is no longer legit! We don’t need Martha Stewart to tell us that… it’s common sense!

Unfortunately, the American porn industry doesn’t seem to have this level of common sense, because they have condoned pimps and madams representing talent & trying to bully the industry around for much too long. The industry needs to learn that mixing legal & legit business with illegal and illicit business makes the whole entire business illegal and illicit… and therefore BAD, just like the strychnine lemon cake!

A high-class porn model does not NEED to become a prostitute (“escort”), and she ought not to. There is no justifiable reason why she should put her body, mind, freedom, and the sexual health of the porn industry at risk by becoming a hooker.

Is porn work slow? Is she not making enough money? Then maybe she should find a LEGIT porn talent representative who isn’t half-pimp/half-agent… perhaps she should find a professional full-time adult film talent rep… that will help! And, in the event the $700 - $1,200 per shoot is not enough for her – or if there is a lull in porn shoots for a brief period of time, then these days there are plenty of other legal, safe & legit “side gigs” in the adult industry that porn models can do besides hooking.

At our Company, we have had the pleasure of assisting hundreds of models with their adult-industry careers over the years. Most of them are brand-spanking-new to the adult industry (no stripping, porn, webcaming or escorting experience when we sign them), but a few of them have had a background (before signing with us) in prostitution (escorting).

Some of these pitiful hookers have had their spirits and personalities wrecked (damage caused by the prostitution lifestyle) beyond (at least our) repair, so their success in the porn industry has been very limited.

Other former-escort clients of ours, however, have been some of the most beautiful human beings that we’ve had the pleasure to meet, and we’ve had the privilege of teaching these girls a better way to work & earn money in the adult industry, and a better way of life, altogether.

Many gullible girls that get sucked up in the prostitution life at an early age are beautiful, kind & good-hearted people; they are simply misguided. We take pride in creating success stories at our Company, and some of the success stories we’re most proud of are girls that have left the negative & harmful business of prostitution in their pasts… they have moved forward to bigger, better, legal, safe, healthy & legit lines of adult-industry work, including legitimate (safe and legal) pornography & webcam modeling.

If you are considering a career in the porn industry, you should absolutely NOT start your career without good representation in the form of an agent and/or manager. But PLEASE MAKE SURE of the company’s legitimacy FIRST, including their stance on so-called “escorting” (prostitution), even before meeting them (or even before sending them your photos and personal information, if possible).

Ask their company representative, straight-up… “Can you please tell me about your company’s policy/opinion/stance on porn models doing escorting?” (You are more than justified to request this of them, even in writing, before you do anything with them, whatsoever.) If they tell you, “young lady… we’re the biggest licensed & bonded adult talent agency in the State of California…” then tell them, “that’s great!

(That just means that they paid the State and a bond company a bunch of money for a piece of paper… whooptee-doo!) If they try to evade your question with something like this, then repeat the question… “That’s nice… but that’s NOT what I asked, [sir/ma’am]. My question is: what is your company’s official position on your clients being involved in the escort industry?

Remember, first of all, you are literally RIGHT NOW on the website of the #1 talent management Company for new girls in the porn industry. So, you DO have options. Don’t be afraid to straight-talk even the biggest of porn agents. Secondly, remember that you are a strong, beautiful young adult woman. You have a RIGHT to ask whatever questions of them you want… and to get answers that you are satisfied with before MEETING with them, or even before sending them your pictures and information.

If the representative gives you ANY ANSWER OTHER THAN an unequivocal “we stand against it, and disagree with it, 110%... and we’re willing to make our stance PUBLIC… in WRITING,” then the company is NOT legit, and you should run like hell.

Better yet, you should apply for LEGIT model management in the porn industry with our Company.

Are you already signed with a 1/2-agent/1/2-pimp or madam? If so, then – truth be told – their license & bond status is completely irrelevant. And whether your pimp/agent has already got you 250 porn scenes or not a single one yet… you do NOT have a legit porn agent. You didn’t need to come to Los Angeles to become a hooker! You could have done that, just as well, in your hometown (on Backpage or with your local street-corner mac daddy).

Don’t worry, though. Your illegitimate agent doesn’t own you! He (or she) actually works for you, on your behalf… which makes YOU HIS (or HER) boss, which means you can fire them. And although few and far between, you can rest assured that there ARE some legit talent representatives in the porn industry… talent reps that don’t have any desire whatsoever to ever double as your pimp or madam or “escort agency”, namely our Company. Apply online, and let’s see if we can work together!

Are you a porn producer, director, or photographer? Book our clients! They’re not “pornstar-by-day/hooker-by-night” girls… our models are full-blown professional adult film performers that get the job done right. Help us get the word out about “pure pornography”, and don’t let the pimp agents bully your company around… tell them that you work in the legitimate & professional entertainment industry… not the prostitution industry, and they (the porn agent/pimps) can take their pimp antics back to Oakland (or London, or the O.C., or Germany, or wherever the hell they came from)! Tell them that we no longer serve “their kind” (the 1/2-porn agent/1/2-pimp kind) here in OUR Valley… Porn Valley, California.

One more thing… a side-note… being an escort is not considered being a model or “modeling”. In doing our research for this article, we were disgusted to find that some prostitution rings (that call themselves escort or “courtesan” or “companion” agencies) refer to their clients as “models” and their work as “modeling”.

Prostitution (escorting) is NOT modeling. It is prostitution.

This DOES NOT MEAN that we judge YOU as an individual (aspiring pornstar with a background in prostitution) or that we don’t want to work with you, based solely off your experience in the world of prostitution… but if that’s ALL that you’ve done in the adult or entertainment industries, then please realize that you still have ZERO experience as a “model”; you aren’t a “model” quite yet. You don’t earn the title of “model” by turning tricks.

 A porn model agency is not a production company

By law, talent agents are not allowed to produce any content with their clients featured in it, or to have any ownership interest in productions starring their clients. This is called a “conflict of interest”.

Since an agent’s job is to “get you work”, and since he works on commissions, it would be unfair (and illegal) for him to tell you (the model) “I got some work for you, but the work is for my own Company… so I’m going to be making money off the production… and – on top of that – since I’m also your agent, you have to pay me a commission from the work that I got for you (which happens to be with me).” It’s an endless circle, and it’s against the law.

Any agency that claims to “have work for you with [their] own company” in addition to work with other companies is a scam… and operating illegally. Leave them in the dust. That’s not what legitimate talent agencies do.

 A porn model agency is not a talent management company

Three years ago, AINews.com reprinted a detailed article we put together about the differences between an agent and a manager. Make sure to read it to get the full scoop on the subject, if you’re curious.

But, in a nutshell, agents, managers, publicists & lawyers are 4 distinctly separate & integral (equally important) roles within the legitimate entertainment industry. This isn’t just our opinion, but it’s also the opinion of the SAG-AFTRA union (the largest union for screen actors in the United States), the entire Hollywood show business industry, and also the opinion of all top adult film producers.

Anybody that claims to be a part of the (business-end of the) entertainment industry, that says managers are “the same as” agents, “wannabe” agents or “unlicensed” agents is either (A) misinformed or unknowledgeable, (B) a complete idiot or (C) a combination of the two.

Agents are agents. Managers are managers. Apples are apples. Oranges are oranges. And that’s that.

An agent’s job is pretty narrow, in comparison to a manager’s. A porn model agent’s job is to “get you work in the porn industry” (technically, to “procure employment for you”). That’s about it.

A manager’s job is to provide you advice, guidance & counsel, as pertains to your career in the entertainment industry… to examine & coordinate the “big picture” of your career and keep you moving in the right direction. A manager promotes you in the entertainment business and becomes a lot more involved in the details of your career than an agent would. It is not an agent’s job to do these things for you. This is the domain of talent managers. A manager is a teammate; he (and/or the talent management company) succeeds when you succeed.

Agents simply find you work & negotiate contracts on your behalf… that’s all they’re supposed to do. Professional & experienced managers realize (and teach their clients) that not ALL money is GOOD money, and so not ALL work is GOOD work. Some money is better than other money, and a legit manager will educate you on the “bad, good, better, best” concept within the entertainment industry.

The hit HBO television show, Entourage, explained it best: (as pertains to the difference between an agent and a manager) “A manager is the one that actually gives a fuck.

If you want to have representation that cares (about you), get a legitimate talent management Company in your corner.

Oddly enough, one of the big porn model agencies actually named themselves “[omitted] Talent Managers”, instead of “[Bla bla bla] Talent Agency”. If you’re looking for a manager, make sure that you don’t accidentally end up with a pimp/madam agent that calls her company “[bla bla] Talent Managers”. (A hamburger is not a hotdog, and an agent is NOT a manager, and vice versa.)

The undisputed #1 talent management Company for new porn models is our Company, so make sure to apply online, if you haven’t already.

 A porn model agency is not allowed to charge upfront fees

By law, talent agencies are forbidden from charging upfront fees to their clients in order to join their agency (or for any other reason).

If a so-called porn model agency (or even a talent management company, for that matter) asks you for any up-front payments (or any money, at any time, besides commissions from work that they helped you to get), then they are NOT legit. Run like hell.

(The laws about upfront fees insure that a talent representative can’t take your money, and then sit back smoking blunts and playing Call of Duty all day. If a REAL agent or manager wants to get paid, then he better work his ass off for you, to make sure you become successful. That’s why LEGIT agencies and mangers work STRICTLY & SOLELY off commissions.)

This “upfront fee” scam is more prevalent in the (non-adult) entertainment industry, but there are a few that pop-up – from time-to-time – within the realm of the adult film business. One of them just opened – and closed a few months later – last year.

 A porn model agency is not a P.R. company
(and a porn agent is not a publicist)

Also briefly covered in our in-depth Agent VS Manager article published several years ago, agents and managers are not the only distinctly separate and equally-important roles carried by talent representatives in the entertainment industry.

There is also the role of a publicist, or P.R. firm. A publicist’s job is to make their clients “look good” to the general public (their fans & potential fans), whereas a manager’s job is to make the talent “look good” to the shot-callers WITHIN the entertainment industry.

Porn model agencies are not P.R. companies.

 A porn model agency is not a law firm
(and a porn agent is not a lawyer)

We’ve seen numerous models led astray (and their careers, credit ratings & lives damaged) by porn agents giving inaccurate legal advice to their clients & potential clients.

Lawyers must go to law school, and then pass a bar exam, and a background/moral check before practicing law (or providing legal advice as a lawyer).

Porn agents (even if they are licensed & bonded) are NOT lawyers. You should not heed a porn agent’s advice about the validity of contracts that you have with other companies, about “escorting” being different than prostitution, or any other legal matters, unless you want to end up in trouble.

At our Company, we are very clear about this. We are NOT lawyers, and we’re not qualified to give legal advice. Any statements about what is illegal, and what is not, made in this article or anywhere on our websites, is NOT to be taken as qualified legal advice. We know a bit about entertainment industry & other types of law, but we communicate legal matters strictly as a layman.

Consult a licensed lawyer for legal advice, if you want/need it!

 A porn model agency is not a mainstream Hollywood talent agency or fashion model agency

You’re not going to become a Hollywood movie star or Maxim cover model by working with a porn model agency. Even in mainstream Hollywood screen acting, some big celebrity actors & actresses have several agents from different agencies for separate facets of their career: there are theatrical agents, TV commercial agents, print modeling agents, feature film agents, etc.

Porn agencies are not qualified to legitimately, on a major level, promote you for mainstream (non-adult) acting & modeling. For most of them, they’ll move you “down” (to prostitution) instead of “up” to mainstream acting/modeling (like Sasha Grey successfully did).

In fact, the ONLY talent representation Company (between agencies & management companies) in the American porn industry with a major background representing Hollywood movie stars is our Company.

Are you still not sure which agency to apply/sign with or whether or not the agency you’re looking at is legit?

Don’t worry; if they are legit… then they’ll still be there to pick you up tomorrow!

In the meantime, get your career started in the porn industry the best way (with the support of the #1 talent management firm for new girls in the industry), or learn more about what to look for in a porn model agency in Part II of this article.