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Porn Model Agency - Part 2 - What to Look for in a Porn Model Agency

Porn Model Agency – Part II

What to Look for in a Porn Model Agency

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 Exclusive or Non-Exclusive?

When we were teenagers, many of us probably wished that our parents were less strict than they were. We might have thought that we should have been allowed to run amuck, skip school, smoke pot & play video games all day. Our parents knew more about life, and the world, than we did… although a lot of us didn’t believe this at the time. Once we become mature adults (for those of us that do), we often come to develop a level of gratitude for the rules, boundaries & limitations that were enforced upon us by our parents, teachers, school principals, etc., because they helped us learn how to become better citizens… better people, as a result.

Of course, not all parents are good parents. Some are outright unfit. Some parents (either directly or indirectly, by example) teach their children from very young that sitting on the porch smoking pot all day is an appropriate way to spend one’s life. Others (even in Los Angeles) teach their children that joining a criminal street gang or learning to hate other human beings based on ridiculous differences will make them a man… a tough guy. Children of these types of parents are not guaranteed to become failures in life… but success will be harder for them to achieve.

Good parents, teachers, school principals, etc. KNOW that they know more about life than the young kids they deal with, so – in order to teach them the right way to live and in order to protect them – these authority figures in a child’s life will set specific rules, boundaries and limitations, and enforce them when they are broken.

Girls signing up to join the porn industry are not kids… in fact, they’re required by law to be adults, over the age of 18, or else folks end up in a lot of trouble. One porn agent found this out the hard way on March 4, 1987, when he was arrested for signing a 15-year-old to his agency’s roster a few years prior. In 1990, he reportedly signed another child; a 17-year-old. The 15-year-old he signed will be 45 years old this year; in her autobiography, she describes how this porn agent fed her cocaine & champagne on her 1st photo shoot at his agency. This talent agent is still running a licensed and bonded porn model agency in the Los Angeles porn industry, to this day. (And this, along with pimps & madams, is who the State of California is issuing porn talent agency licenses to these days… so an agency being “licensed by the State of California” is obviously NOT an indicator of the Company’s ACTUAL legitimacy or professionalism, at all.)

Non-exclusive porn model agencies are like the parents that condone pot-smoking on the porch all day. They’re not willing to lay down any rules, because they have no balls. They have no confidence in their abilities, and they don’t really care about their clients. As always happens in this case, the clients also end up – in the long run – not caring about the non-exclusive agent. “Keep my pictures on your site, for all I care… no skin off my back,” the clients of non-exclusive porn model agencies always end up saying.

Good, reputable, exclusive talent representation companies in the porn industry, on the other hand, are stricter. They have rules, guidelines, limitations and boundaries that their clients must follow to maintain the privilege of being represented by them. (Yes… it IS a privilege to be represented by a legit talent representation Company in the porn industry. As already explained, they are VERY FEW and FAR BETWEEN.) An exclusive talent agency still works on your behalf, for you, but they KNOW that THEY are the experts in the entertainment industry, and they are confident in their abilities to help you… and you – the model – are not (the expert). You have the ass & titties, and the desire to become a star, but they (the legit & exclusive talent agencies) have the knowledge, the know-how, the connections, power & ability to make you a rich & famous superstar.

A good porn model agency is going to have a set of guidelines for their clients to follow; if their clients break the rules, then the agency will drop the client, no matter who they are, and no matter how much money the client is bringing-in to the agency. The largest & most notorious talent agency in the world dropped Mel Gibson a few years back when he got “out of hand” and ran around drunkenly making inappropriate racial slurs in public, and professional porn model agencies will do the same with their clients if & when the need arises.

Signing with ANY sort of talent representative in the entertainment industry (whether an agent, a manager, a publicist or a lawyer) is something that one does because the talent representative has what the talent needs and/or wants. If a new porn model already knows everyone in the adult film industry, and she already knows who is bad to work with, and also who is good, better & best to work with; she already knows which rates to charge for specific scene types & all the intricate details of how to make herself a superstar – the right way, then… if all these things are true… she probably doesn’t need to waste her time or money by hiring an agent or a manager.

(That’s what hiring a talent agent or manager MEANS. You are offering up a percentage of your earnings from the entertainment industry in exchange for the agency’s or management company’s services. Why spend this money if you already know everything about the industry? It’s certainly not required. You don’t necessarily HAVE to get any sort of talent representation, to become a porn model, at all.)

The question is: do you already know how to make yourself a superstar in the entertainment industry, the right way, and do you have the connections to do so? If not, then – on the other hand – it DOES make perfect sense to look for representation BEFORE starting your career.

The porn industry is gigantic – in terms of annual sales & total revenue. But, industry insiders know, that – in another capacity (the amount of individuals that are actually involved in the inner workings of the legitimate porn industry) – it’s relatively small. One of the main news publishers for the adult film industry lists only around 2,000 total companies in their industry directory. That includes agencies, management companies, production companies, retailers, health & medical companies, insurance companies, hair & makeup providers, wholesalers, billing & payment companies, affiliate programs, and many more categories of companies… all in the adult film industry… and all totaling up to around 2,000 total companies… approximately the same amount of companies as there are Jiffy Lube locations in North America…. that’s it. That’s not very many companies to cover a $14 billion per year industry!

As we mentioned in both the Agent VS Manager article and also earlier in Part I of this article under “A porn model agency is not a mainstream Hollywood talent agency or fashion model agency,” in mainstream Hollywood screen acting, a big-time actor or actress might eventually need to sign a couple or few different agents to “get the job done”. With around 400,000 people employed in the Hollywood movie industry alone (not including those involved in the fashion and advertising industries), this makes perfect sense.


In porn, however, there are only a handful of major players, and only around 2,000 total companies, so two competing porn agents with any substantial level of experience and connections should know the same exact people, for the most part. It therefore makes no sense for a porn model (new or experienced) to sign with two separate porn model agencies.

(One agency will generally be introducing a new porn starlet to the same exact folks that another will.) This is where professional talent management comes in to play, which is what we do here at our Company. A talent manager is not simply interested in “who is willing to pay you money,” but – more importantly – which production companies are the BEST & most professional for a particular NEW porn model (or a particular NEW BLACK porn model, WHITE porn model, LATINA porn model, TEEN porn model, TATTOOED porn model, LARGE-BREASTED porn model, etc.) to shoot with?

(As an extreme but real-life-experience example, if a model is leaving a porn set literally crying at the end of a shoot and the director was shooting-up heroin in a back-room before & during the shoot, then we DON’T CARE about the money this skeevy & unprofessional porn director is willing/able to throw at one of our models. Not all money is good money. The big agencies don’t see it that way. And that’s why porn stars & aspiring porn stars need a professional talent manager. And no… your husband, friend, fiancée, talent scout, boyfriend or pimp cannot be your manager, but we’ll cover that later.)

If you want to start your career right, you need to secure good, solid, representation first. And, in the porn industry, that representation should be exclusive, meaning that (for a period of time) you will not be able to sign with another agency (or, in the case of a talent management company, like ours, you will not be able to sign with another personal management company), and the agency will have a list of rules & guidelines that you must follow in order to continue the business relationship.

Any non-exclusive porn model agency, in our opinion, probably lacks a level of pride & confidence in their company’s services. As a porn model agency, you should know pretty much everyone in the adult film industry. And if you know everyone in the industry, then why would you want someone else introducing your clients (models) to the same exact people that you can? That doesn’t make any sense.

A non-exclusive agency shows a lack of professional commitment, on the parts of both the agency & the model. It’s a wishy-washy half-ass business relationship that won’t go very far. Just like a good parent that KNOWS he or she is the BEST person to raise their own children, a good porn model agent will KNOW that nobody else can do as good a job representing & getting work for a model as he/she can.

At our Company, we KNOW – without question – that we are the #1 talent management Company in the American porn industry for new starlets. NOBODY else can do a better job at what we do… Nobody. We don’t know EVERYTHING, but we do know that. So, if a model applicant or potential client is unwilling to sign us as her exclusive personal manager, then we decline her application without hesitation. We KNOW that a new porn model doesn’t NEED anyone other than our Company, as pertains to talent management for the porn industry.

Exclusive is the way to go, when you’re looking for talent representation in the straight American porn industry.

 Look for a porn model agency that is out to help you…
not one that is out to keep you down & exploit you in a negative way

Perhaps the worst way in which most licensed & bonded porn model agencies negatively exploit their girls was already covered in Part I – “A legit porn model agency is not an escort service (and a legit porn agent is not a pimp or madam),” but “turning-out” (turning aspiring models into prostitutes) their models is not the only form of negative exploitation that porn model agencies practice.

Some of the big porn agencies immediately snag up (purchase for themselves) the “.com” domain name of their models’ stage names for the sheer purpose of profit in their (the agents') pockets, once they see that their new victim (model) is becoming popular. They have their IT guys point the domain to websites that provide profit solely for the agency & its producer friends. The model makes NOTHING off this. That is exploitation, in the negative sense of the word.

And yes… the largest & most well-known Los Angeles-based “licensed & bonded” porn model talent agencies engage in this practice on a regular basis. One of many examples:

biggest porn model agency, largest licensed and bonded porn talent agency

The porn agency is the sole owner of this model’s domain, for life. She will be used up & spit-out by the agency, and the porn industry as a whole… but the agency will continue to profit off of her name forever. Is an 18, 19 or 20-year-old aspiring porn model – fresh out of high-school – going to know to watch out for this exploitative (legal yet skeevy) little trick?

Usually not until it’s too late. Is her husband or boyfriend supposed to protect her from this? Not unless he works in internet marketing, or some business like that. And a lot of models enter the business as single young ladies, anyway.

With good talent management like our Company, this will not happen to an aspiring porn star. She’ll be advised by her manager to purchase her own domain name, the day she enters the business (or soon thereafter), and it will be her property for life. A domain name on the Internet is literally a piece of property; it is a plot of land on the “new frontier” of the new millennium.

With good talent management, an aspiring porn model will be able to avoid traps of exploitation such as this (and many others) that go on – literally every single day – in the American porn industry.

Looking to become a porn star? Once you’ve chosen your stage name, you should buy the domain for that stage name (YourStageName.com), using your own name as the domain owner, immediately. (Make sure to get “private registration” when you buy the domain so that weirdos, etc. won’t be able to learn your real name or personal info.)

Another good idea: get a manager with some balls… a protector from the sleaze. A young woman pursuing a career in REGULAR mainstream Hollywood screen acting is wise to get professional talent management as soon as possible, because there are wolves in Hollywood looking to EAT her up like a little lamb. How much more should a girl pursuing a career in the “smut” business hire a protector… a talent manager… before doing ANYTHING in the industry!

At our Company, of course – like any legitimate business – we are in business to make a profit. But that’s not our only goal. We pride ourselves in helping young adult-industry-minded women to become stronger… more independent… more successful. We LOVE to TEACH young women that they can stand up for themselves, on their own two feet, without relying on a man. If they want a boyfriend or a husband, that’s fine… but they don’t NEED one. They can purchase their own homes, apartments, vacations & cars, and we enjoy teaching & empowering them to do these things.

 Look for a porn model agency that stands against escorting

This was covered in great detail in Part I, but we can’t stress it enough.

A porn model agency that encourages or condones prostitution (escorting) should be left in the dust.

Make sure you are getting PURE representation for the adult FILM business before meeting with an adult film model agency.

 Look for a porn model agency with LOTS of experience

Your friendly neighbor, boyfriend, fiancée, husband, pimp, etc. might be a very nice guy… but he can NOT be your porn model agent (or your talent manager, for that matter)! Would you ask the hospital janitor to perform your C-section? Would you call your local librarian if your house was being broken into?

Then don’t think that your boyfriend is qualified to be your porn agent! To become a porn model agent capable of creating porn stars, one must have years of experience under their belt. They need to have pre-existing business relationships with hundreds of producers, directors, photographers, etc. They need to be well-known in the porn industry, and have a good reputation within it. We could go on and on with requirements & prerequisites, but make sure your porn agency knows what the hell they’re doing.

Was your agent’s website created via Wix.com, or any other free website service with a “get a free website at…” banner at the bottom of the site? Then here’s a hint: he’s not a real talent agent. Real talent agencies can afford to pay for a real website. (Not that a fancy website makes an agency legit, but it’s a start.)

If you’re pursuing a career in the American porn industry, then your agent should at least have an office in Los Angeles… and they should probably be headquartered there.

85% - 95% of legit American pornography is produced in California (mostly in Los Angeles). A legit porn model agency needs to have an office in Los Angeles in order to effectively represent you within the American porn industry.

Is your porn agent based out of Milwaukee, Anchorage or some other boondock? He might be a nice guy; he might even be handsome & take really nice pictures of you. But guess what… he’s not a real porn model agent.

Sign up with our Company for talent management to keep from being misguided.

 Your porn model agency should be licensed by the State of California & bonded

Throughout this article, we have pointed out – in detail – several of the “bad acts” practiced by various porn agencies & porn agents, including some that are licensed & bonded.

We have shown you that being “licensed & boned” certainly doesn’t mean an agent can “do no wrong,” nor that they are legit. Licensed & bonded porn model agents practice unprofessional behavior every day.

Regardless, an agent without a license & a bond is similar to an agent that doesn't have a website that he/she pays for (like a free Wix.com website, for example)… an aspiring porn star should look elsewhere, at least until he/she (the agent) gets his/her act together.

Your porn model agency (if you CHOOSE to hire one [it is YOUR choice]) should be licensed & bonded.

Note, however, that talent agencies and personal management companies are two completely separate types of companies. Talent agencies are required to be licensed & bonded; talent management companies are not.

 Find a porn model agency with professional business ethics

We’ve personally witnessed one of the “licensed & bonded” Los-Angeles-based porn model agencies launch a lame attempt at recruiting new talent by hosting a (literally) fake casting call. They put an ad on the internet for an $800 porn shoot, claiming that they were a production company seeking female performers for the shoot. When a large group of porn models (one of our girls, included) showed up for the casting call (Regan Reese & Luscious Lopez were also there), the agency’s representatives were like, “surprise… there is no porn shoot! But… we are a talent agency looking to sign new talent to our agency! Who wants to sign with us?” Of course, every girl with a brain walked out immediately.

But this company showed their cards, as far as we’re concerned. They might be “licensed & bonded” and part of some rinky-dink “trade association” (a fancy name for a clique or gang of business men/women) for pimp agents (bla bla bla… who cares!?), but they are a bunch of skeevy little punks, and we feel pity for the poor misguided models that they “represent”.

Other “licensed & bonded” porn agents are KNOWN to use their “position of authority” to get their dicks & clits wet. (“Sleep with me, and I’ll get you more work… etc.”)

Make sure the porn model agency you’re looking at has professional business ethics.

 Look for a porn model agency that will respect you, and your boundaries & limitations

Not every sexy young woman is willing – at any given time – to start a career in the porn industry. If you are a sexy young woman that has made this decision (either “sure… I want to give porn a try,” or “I want to become the next big pornstar,” or anything in between), then congratulations & welcome to the best business on Earth! Your next step should be to apply with our Company for talent management.

But within the adult film (porn) industry, there is a myriad of various extremes, genres, sex acts, etc. There is everything from simple solo (masturbation) scenes (in which you have sex only with yourself), to romantic (geared-towards-women) 1-on-1 sex scenes with a good-looking stud muffin, to super-hardcore gagging & anal-pounding sex scenes, to sex with transsexuals & gang bangs where you’re having sex with 50+ guys at a time! (These are the extreme examples, of course. Most of our girls, at our Company, have no interest whatsoever in doing all of the above…. And we respect that. Frankly, we don’t think ANY model should be willing to do ALL of that… that’s kind of gross, in our opinion.)

A good legit porn model agency will respect your boundaries. At our Company (a talent management Company), our online application itself is not worded “what are you WILLING to do on camera,” but rather “what do you WANT to do on camera.”

We don’t CARE what a girl is WILLING to do. We only care about what she WANTS to do. (Most people in the world today probably don’t WANT to go around killing people. But, if their family is threatened by a dangerous armed intruder inside their home… then there are certain things that [any real man or woman] would be “willing” to do, to protect his/her family.) That’s the difference between “wanting” to do something, and being “willing” to do something; big difference!

Since this is a career CHOICE (and not a life-or-death decision), we only care what our models WANT to do. (If they don’t want to do a certain kind of scene or sex act, then we don’t push them into doing it. Period.)

Does the agency respect your sexual boundaries? What about your sexual orientation (if you are a straight female, are they going to get upset & mistreat you if you decline to do lesbian scenes, etc.)?

 Look for a porn model agency that puts together personalized promotional plans for their models, and doesn’t practice the “cattle call” approach to talent representation

Some of the big agencies practice a “cattle-call” approach to talent representation. They have so many new girls coming in each month, and they are so lazy, that they take the SAME EXACT steps & procedures with every model that they sign. Each model walks in, signs the same paperwork, gets the same-type of (almost Polaroid-quality) photos taken of her bent over the agent’s office chair, and then (if she’s fortunate enough to be taken on go-sees or casting calls – which may or may not happen, depending how the agent is feeling that week) she’ll be loaded into a van with all of the other new girls from the agency, like a prisoner in the L.A. County Jail, and she’ll be shuttled around to the same old companies that all the other models are – the same production companies that the agency has been taking all of their models to for years.

Girls with tattoos are taken to production companies that won’t shoot girls with tattoos; girls that don’t want to engage in certain sex acts are taken to production companies where these very acts will be required of them – in order to shoot with the company, and – overall – the agent will make no distinction between which production companies are (bad, good, better or best)… if they call themselves a porn production company, and the agent believes that they have money to spend… then the agent brings his/her girls to them, without any discernment of the producer’s character, professionalism, etc.

At our Company, we have all so-called porn producers in a database. It includes the legit & professional porn producers, as well as the scam “porn producers, and everyone in between. Each production company, producer & director in the industry is literally color-categorized in a proprietary in-house categorization system modeled after a certain Country’s social-class system.

Who do you think gets to shoot our models first, based off our official advice & counsel to our models? You guessed it! Only the V.I.P. A-rated core class producers; those producers that have PROVEN themselves to be 100% complete professionals, and a pleasure to work with.

And who doesn’t ever get to meet our models? Right again! The bottom-of-the-barrel scum-suckers, a.k.a. the F-rated producers. Just because a guy owns a high-definition camera and has some money in the bank that he might be willing to spend on a model does NOT make him qualified to work with the best models in the business.

This is another reason why new adult film models need talent management, and not just a porn model agency… but an actual legit & professional management company. A legit & professional porn model management company is better for an aspiring porn star than a skeevy licensed & bonded porn talent agency. A good porn model talent agency will also put together a personalized promotional plan for models, and use discretion with regards to WHICH producers hire the model. (Not all money is good money.)

Even pimps & madams (escort services) do some level of “pre-screening” their hooker-clients’ tricks & johns (at least they advertise on their websites that they do… we wouldn’t actually know, because we don’t do business with pimps or madams). Don’t you think, then, that a professional porn model agency should do some pre-screening of folks calling themselves “porn producers” before placing their clients (models) at risk by meeting them?

 Look for a porn model agency that is “professional-owned”

We haven’t had the need, at our Company, for many years now, to recruit talent using classified ads or classified ad websites like Backpage. Our name & reputation have grown such that many aspiring porn stars apply with us every single day, without any advertising on our end.

However, we know that some porn model agencies (along with their escort agency counterparts) advertise for new talent by proclaiming, on classified ad sites and elsewhere, “we are a female-owned agency”. This is obviously in a desperate attempt to make naïve young women feel “more comfortable” with the company, and for the “agency” to get a slight edge over their competition.

But who cares… really?

What difference is having a female-owned agency going to make, with regards to a model’s ultimate success in the entertainment (or porn) business, in and of itself?

None, whatsoever, is the correct answer.

We’re not saying that female-owned agencies are a bad thing. That’s fine if an agency is owned by a woman. But it doesn’t make the company any more (or less) legit to have an owner (or owners) with a vagina, or one with a penis.

Here’s what WILL make an actual difference: whether or not the porn model agency is owned & operated by PROFESSIONALS.

Do the agency representatives (and/or the owner) use drugs & get drunk every day? Do they practice professional business ethics? Do they have the “balls” to stand up to producers, directors, photographers & other agents that get out of line, and disrespect their clients? Do they sexually-harass their models, demanding that the models sleep with them, in order to get more or better work for them? (Women, these days, are just as capable of harassing young ladies as men are, by the way.)

Look for an agency that is owned & operated by experienced professionals. Looking at other things (like the gender, race or religion) of the company’s owner(s) is a sign of utter ignorance, and won’t take you very far.