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Do Male Pornstars Actually Last for 30 - 45 minutes? If so, How do They Do It?

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Question for Mike from Finzil


Is it true that a male pornstar can fuck women for 30 or 45 minutes per scene without discharge? What is used before the scene?


Hi Finzil,

Nice to hear from you out there in Dubai.

Yes, some of the male talent in the porn industry can last for 30 - 45 minutes or so of penetration per scene. I personally cannot... at least not yet.

Some guys are just naturally "blessed" with this ability. Others do indeed take pre-scene sexual supplements. Coincidentally, the very first question/answer-style question I ever answered on this forum was on this very topic, almost 3 years ago.

I, personally, had been out of shape for a long time - although that didn't stop me from performing on camera.

When I started working out & eating better almost 4 months ago, the VERY FIRST change I noticed was a MAJOR & almost immediate improvement in my sexual performance. This change came before any muscle gains, fat loss, or anything else.

Whether by myself while watching porn (yes... even male porn performers masturbate... at least this one does), on-camera doing a scene with a legal teenager, or off-camera with a pretty young thing behind closed doors, I immediately (after starting to work out) noticed that my cock gets & stays WAY harder than it ever has before, my ejaculations are stronger than ever, I can last longer, and my cum shot "distance" has literally multiplied.

(Before working out, when doing a scene - finishing via "pull-out" from the missionary position - I would be lucky to "shoot" my cum to the bottom of the female's breasts. Now, I'm shooting OVER THE TOP OF HER HEAD... my poor camera guy wants to quit, because he thinks he's in a war zone!)

Also... longevity and endurance... It used to be difficult for me to maintain (post-initial vaginal penetration) for 15 minutes. I'm now able to do 20 - 25 minutes, with several variables.

Of course, don't be fooled... with some basic video editing software, a producer can take two (or more) rounds of fucking and turn it into (what appears to be) a single 45 minute or 1 hour-long "round" or sex scene. So just because you might see a porn video with a guy "lasting" for an hour... he might have actually done three rounds, but the editors only included one "cum shot".

I can only speak for myself... I (the same as 3 years ago) do not utilize any sexual supplements. I now just work on getting in better overall physical shape... which I've found is INSANELY DIRECTLY (at least for me) connected to male sexual performance. I mean... I'm not saying that this concept is new to me, I'm just saying that I didn't realize - until now - how absolutely directly connected the two things are. One thing DIRECTLY affects the other.

Have a good day, sir. Thanks again for your question.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior VP

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