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Question for Porno Mike about Getting Into Porn Production

Question for Mike from Nes

porn producer producing porn, porn production

Everyone asks a lot of questions on here about performing... what about if one is producing what tips would you have about that? And if one is in Cali would it be worth taking a ride around San Fernando Valley would there be any clue of where porn is shot or is it just like any other neighborhood in America? Any gathering or spot to make connections/training with PRODUCERS?


Happy New Year! I personally have direct business relationships and friendships with most of the big-time porn production companies, their owners, presidents, VP’s, casting directors, etc., but my primary job function is talent management. I have recently been doing some successful content production on an amateur level, but that’s something I just broke into relatively recently. Adult (porn) model and talent management, on the other hand, is what I can currently be considered an expert at. I’ve been working on that side of the business for several years now.

The talent management, however, allows me to be somewhat of an “industry thermometer”, since I’m in contact with nearly every top production Company in the American pornography business on a weekly (or at least monthly) basis. Here’s a couple production tips I would suggest, based on what I’ve seen throughout the various production Companies over the last few years:

1. Internet distribution is the way to go. Most DVD companies, and DVD companies that perhaps didn’t grab their share of the internet market when they should have, have been struggling in the past few years and some have completely closed their doors during these tough economic times. Companies that focus primarily on internet distribution (especially Reality Kings, Brazzers and Bang Bros – the “big 3”), continue to thrive – and seem to not be affected much by the recession.

2. This one is more for when you have a big, successful production operation running, and it’s strictly from my perspective as a professional adult talent manager…

Keep an open-door policy for agents, managers and new talent! I plan on being in this business for the long-haul, and I consider an open-door policy – when it comes to a porn production house – a sign of a healthy-minded porn production business, whether or not they are shooting a lot of content at that specific time. You’ve heard the saying, “a closed mouth won’t get fed”. Well, neither does a closed door, in this case.

Some companies that formerly would allow me to bring new porn models in for meetings/introductions have recently adopted an “e-mail us her photos, and we’ll be in touch” policy. They don’t want to meet hot, new aspiring porn models?! They don’t care if Joe Porn Producer (their competition) down the block gets to meet her first?! Are you kidding?!

Seems like the stance of a busy, bustling, “Hollywood hard-to-reach” company that’s “got it going on,” right? Not the case. It’s one thing to be busy, but when a porn Company declines – completely – to meet any new aspiring porn models, it’s like a thirsty man crossing the Sahara desert by foot declining a drink of fresh drinking water. It’s not a sign that he’s doing OK, it’s a sign that he’s “on his way out”, if you know what I mean, unless he changes his ways. The Sahara desert is the economy. The water is hot, sexy, new chicks that want to do porn – which is exactly what the consumer wants to see. The man, obviously, represents dying (or at least sick) porn companies. A Sahara Desert wanderer who wants to live is NEVER going to be too busy or pompous to take (or at least schedule) an appointment to drink a glass of water.

From personal experience with these companies, I can say that companies who go from an open-door policy to a closed-door policy will eventually start bouncing checks, employees will start “leaving”, performers and directors won’t get paid when promised, and then… see you later, alligator… they disappear.

My favorite production Company (besides any of my own), a certain Eton-Ave.-based DVD production Company, has been struggling for quite some time, but I’m certain that eventually they will get back on their feet and start popping out content like a popcorn-maker. Why? Because they maintain a positive attitude, and keep an open-door policy. They’re simply good people. Mark my words. The owner is C.A., and his sales manager is R. I can’t disclose the name of the Company, but I’m looking forward to showing them this original “prophecy” once they’re back on their feet.

I, like most pornsumers, would rather watch a low-res porno movie shot in a white-trash trailer in Palmdale, with a sexy, hot, young, new model getting boned by a hairy overweight goofball, than to watch some porn whore who has already shot in 250 movies getting railed out by some 20-year-old crossover (gay-to-straight) jock, pumped full of steroids, from some big agency, in 3-D 1080p High-Definition, shot in a $5,000-a-day cinematography studio with a disco ball. Forgive the tangent, but that’s what sells straight porn – HOT, SEXY, NEW MODELS. And that’s why I’ve “majored” in talent management.

3. Yes, you should be in California to produce porn. But also, you should be professional. We’re involved in a “fringe” industry – it’s not accepted COMPLETELY as a mainstream business – like plumbing, or residential construction, or automobile sales, or mainstream Hollywood movies, for that matter. But it’s still a legitimate, professional business, and everyone in it should act accordingly.

Have fun, fuck like a pornstar and party like a rock star, but keep your business dealings on the up-and-up. Don’t bait-and-switch, pay up when you are supposed to, don’t renege on business deals. Basic business ethics.

4. Book models that are contract models with my Company. They’re the best talent available in the business.

With regards to driving around the San Fernando Valley looking for porn producers, it doesn’t really work like that. Most of their offices have no porn-specific signage outside, and – from the outside – they look like they could be doctors’ or lawyers’ offices. Successful porn producers are often friends with one another, but they’re independent businesses. Even if you had a list of all the porn companies in the Valley, it’s not like you can just walk in and ask for tips on producing porn. You’re essentially talking about going into direct competition with them. Why would they be motivated to give you tips on how to do that?

The best place to meet porn producers, if you really wanted to, would probably be at a porn convention. The biggest porn convention in the Country just passed earlier this month in Vegas. The XBiz conference is also coming up (Google it).

Anyway, I hope I’ve been able to give you a couple tidbits. Have a great new year, Nes!

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

Articles and Information