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Requesting Copies of HIV tests and ID's on One's First Porn Shoot

A Question for our Senior V.P. from Kelly in Oregon

request copy of hiv test, porn, first shoot, legit work

I am performing in my first live cam show (first anything) on sat. They said to bring my ID and test results. Awesome. Is there anyway I can see the test results and ID of the person(s) I'm performing with?


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for coming to me with your question.

Smart girl, and yes, there certainly is. The best (and only logical) way to do that is the most obvious: to simply ask for it. If that doesn't work, then demand it.

It's very important to protect yourself, especially from HIV.

You could simply call and let them know ahead of time, to avoid any problems: "hey, by the way, I'm bringing my test and ID's, and I'll need to see the original test(s) and original ID(s) of anyone that I'll be performing with. This won't be a problem, right?"

Also, follow-through with your requirement, and make sure that you see their documents before signing any paperwork or removing a stitch of clothing, etc.

The ID should look & feel legit, and the test should come from a reputable testing facility (and should have the facility's name & logo on it).

The most professional production companies will only use and accept adult-industry testing, from adult-industry testing clinics. These tests cover the whole gamut of sexually-transmitted infections, use superior testing methods, and are only valid for 30 days.

Your adult industry talent rep can verify the legitimacy of said (adult-industry) tests or will only have you working with producers with whom he knows do their own verification of the legitimacy of all their performers' tests before shooting.

Of course, if you're going into your first shoot or sex scene without the oversight of a professional adult industry talent rep, then you are likely making a BIG and/or GIGANTIC MISTAKE, and you can only cross your fingers / pray / whatever you do that...

A.) You'll be safe
B.) Your decision to do this "shoot" will actually help your adult-industry career
C.) This will not be a bad experience for you

I don't mean to rain on your parade or to be a "Negative Nancy", but there's a 9 out of 10 chance that the shoot you have scheduled for this coming Saturday is NOT in your best interest or the best interest of your career in the entertainment industry.

Even if the male talent(s) that you'll be working with are legitimately tested and willing to show you their documentation (tests and ID's), there is still only a 1 out of 10 (or less) chance that they represent / work for an A-rated adult production company OR an new adult production company that has the potential to become an A-rated company. Most of the time, this sort of situation is some variant of some horny guy(s) that went down to Best Buy, picked up a camera, and are trying to get their dick(s) wet.

I KNOW this isn't what you want to hear, but I'm a professional talent representative: I officially recommend backing out of doing this shoot, EVEN IF they are tested and willing to show you their documentation, and this is my opinion & recommendation based on my experience as a full-time professional talent manager of adult models for the past nine (9) years. You don't have to explain to them why. Just call them, tell them you've had a change of heart, and will not be doing the shoot. That's it, and that's all they need to know.

Of course, it's a free country, and I wish you well with whatever you decide to do. In the event you are teachable & manageable, and decide to follow my advice (by NOT doing the shoot on Saturday), then you are welcome to apply for management & promotion with the #1 management Company for adult models, in the world.

One more, food for thought: it is totally possible to do your first live cam show WITHOUT the risk that you plan to take on Saturday, without having sex with anyone (besides yourself) and WITHOUT even leaving your home. If you would like to try that before "going all the way" with a professional Company, then we could help you with that as well.

Hopefully this answers your question, and also opens your mind to some other aspects of the situation.

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