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Question for Porno Mike from Alexa - where can I sell my own porn movies?

Question for Mike from Alexa

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I am a 25 years old female and I wonder where can I sell my own movies? They are solo and sex with one guy. I need few websites who can pay for them.

Can you help me please?



How are you? Happy New Year!

The first step is to make sure that your videos are legally compliant with all federal laws and regulations, including the 2257 code. I’m not a lawyer, so I cannot advise you on legal specifics; I just know that it’s a legal requirement, so you should make sure that you have “crossed all of your t’s, and dotted all of your i’s,” with regards to that. Even if you shot the content in your own home and with your own husband, it still must be compliant.

Next, the ideal situation, with regards to selling your own content, is to do everything in-house. This means a server in your home/office, merchant account and credit card processing setup, SSL certificates on your site, search engine optimization, etc., etc., etc. It can get quite tedious, but that’s the ideal way to go.

And then, for amateur producers, those just starting out, or independent producers/talent like yourself, there are websites out there that handle all of the complicated back-end stuff (like credit card processing, secure shopping cart, customer service, hosting, etc.) for you, and then they take a part of the profits in exchange for their services. This allows you to concern yourself with shooting top-notch legal content, editing it, and uploading it… and then sitting back and waiting for the checks to start rolling in. The best Company I’ve found that does that is Clips4Sale.com, based out of Florida. They pay-out a 60/40 split, in your favor, each month, for clips that you upload. They then send you a check on the 7th of each month (for the previous month’s sales) or deposit the money directly into your bank account.

Of course, I would not trust my precious content to any old website without first checking up on them. I was personally referred to Clips4Sale.com* by a couple other independent porn producers here in Porn Valley (San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles). Being in the position that I’m in, (as an adult talent manager in the porn capital of the world) I have personal relationships with most-to-all of the legitimate porn producers out here – so, when I need to check-up on the legitimacy and reputation of a Company or service like Clips4Sale.com, etc., it’s not that difficult for me.

Clips4Sale.com provides you with an easy-to-use GUI, or graphical user interface, where you can upload your own clips, control how much you’re going to charge per clip (within reason), and completely control the layout of your store. Although my Company and I are not affiliated with Clips4Sale.com or the Company that runs it, I would recommend them for what you are looking to do. No, they’re not the only site that offers this general type of service, but other sites try to take control of your content (you have to sign the rights to your content over to them) – even if they offer a “large” lump sum to buy the movies from you – or they simply do not have the traffic and long-standing reputation that Clips4Sale.com does.

I know you asked for “a few” websites, but I figured, “why give her a few, when I can give her the best?!”

I have to mention… since you’re the type of woman that’s open-minded to doing amateur porn, the big NON-amateur porn Companies like Penthouse, Hustler, Reality Kings and Brazzers might want to shoot you in professional porn movies as well – and you can probably make boo-koo bucks by shooting for them. And the top talent management Company in the adult film business for new girls (whose clients regularly book shoots with the aforementioned Companies and many others) is our Company.

You should consider applying with us. You’re 25 now; perfect time to do it! Don’t wait until you’re too old to make serious money in this business. Better yet, if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area this coming weekend, you should attend our Red Carpet New Model Recruiting Event this Saturday at an upscale nightclub in Downtown L.A. You can apply to become a contract model with us right there on the spot – at the party – and also get your professional photos done right there, on the spot, as well. (We’re going to have a pro photographer and photo studio setup inside the venue.) If you can make it, check out our Red_Carpet_Event for more info, and then go through the process to make sure your name is on the guest list. I hope to see you there.

I want to compliment you on your initiative. It’s a lot more original and open-minded than what a lot of women do.

Hakuna Matata,

Senior Vice President

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