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travis treal craig

Fraud Warning

travis treal craig porn talent scout xplosion talent

“Travis” (legal name Treal Craig) is a nuisance unlicensed “talent scout” that has been posing as a representative of our Company on-and-off for several years. (He claims to work for us, when in fact he has absolutely nothing to do with our Company.)

“Travis”, “Treal Craig”, his imaginary “assistants” (Kelli, Gina, etc.), and his “company” (Xplosion Talent) are not connected or affiliated with our Company in any way, shape or form.

This imposter will often post ads on classified ad websites including Craigslist & Backpage; legitimate talent representation companies
generally do not advertise on sites such as these.

If you have been tricked into having sex with this man, then you should be tested for HIV & STD’s immediately. If you received a bad check from him, then you should contact law enforcement & report him to the police immediately. (Aspiring models have reported instances of these goings-on to our management.)

The only way to be considered as an actual model of ours is to complete an online application on our website.

Treal Craig, a.k.a. "Travis", is NOT a recognized talent scout for (or representative of) our Company.


- Management Team

travis licensed model treal craig xplosion talent